Read Across America Day with UnitWise: If you Give a Woman a Mary Kay Facial

Happy Read Across America Day!

Today is National Read Across America Day! When was the last time you sat down with a hot cup of tea and your favorite book?

It can feel silly scheduling time in your day to read, especially when you’re so busy acting as chef, laundry wrangler, chauffeur, in-house doctor, and successful Mary Kay business owner! Today is the perfect day to consult that reading list you made at the beginning of the year and curl up with a good book.

Here at UnitWise, we’re getting in on the celebration too! Mary Kay beauty consultants inspire us… a lot. So much so that we wrote a story about you! Please enjoy this spinoff of “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” entitled “If you Give a Woman a Mary Kay Facial.”

If you Give a Woman a Mary Kay Facial

If you give a woman a Mary Kay facial,

You'll ask about her skincare routine. 

She’ll ask what she can do about her dry skin. So you’ll start explaining the benefits of the Botanical Effects Collection and she’ll ask to see your inventory. When she looks at your inventory, she’ll get so excited she will want to try everything!

She’s going to ask for the White Tea and Citrus Pampering Set.

When you give her the set, she may ask for a little more of your Satin Hands Shea Cream.

When she’s finished, she’ll probably ask for a gift bag.

Then she will want to look in the mirror to see what she should change about her skincare.

When she looks in the mirror, she might notice she needs a lipstick shade that fits her skin tone better. So she’ll ask for a lip treatment.

When you’re finished with the lip treatment, she’ll want to show her husband. She might get carried away and show everyone in the house. She may even forget she’s in the middle of a Mary Kay facial!

When she’s done, she’ll want a Mary Kay Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder that compliments her new lip shade. 

Then you will suggest a mineral cover makeover for dry skin types. As you apply her foundation, she may begin asking you questions about Mary Kay. She’ll want to know your Mary Kay story and why you chose to become an independent beauty consultant. She’ll ask for your business card.

When the facial is finished, she’ll want to take a picture to remember her new look. She will feel confident and may even ask you how she can become a Mary Kay consultant too!

A few days later, she’ll see her makeover photo on her phone. Looking at the picture will remind her how great she felt after her facial. So she’ll decide to give you a call.

You suggest she comes along on your next facial appointment. And chances are if you give a woman a facial, she’ll want to join your Mary Kay team!

UnitWise and your Appointments

UnitWise can help you keep track of all of your appointments, including facials, with the calendar feature under your “Activities” tab. Here, you have the choice to schedule appointments, calls, parties, tasks, and even block out family time. Simply click “create appointment,” fill in your appointment details, and hit save!

go to Calendar

Did you know you can integrate your UnitWise calendar with your Google Calendar? Before you try this, make sure Sync Automatic Task With Google is selected under General Preferences within your UnitWise account.

Check Account Preferences

Once you are logged into your Google Calendar account, go to the “Activities” tab within your UnitWise Account, select “Calendar,” and select “Sync From Google.”

Sync Calendar

Here, you will be prompted to select which Google Calendar you would like to integrate with your UnitWise account. Once you select a calendar, you will be directed back to where you can confirm your Google Calendar authentication.

Create Appointment

Try this feature out today by scheduling time in your UnitWise Calendar dedicated to reading. Remember to tag us on Facebook so we can see what you’re reading today!


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