Send Referrals & Earn Rewards

Turkey Day is on its way & St. Nick is hiding right around the corner!  This year sure seems to be winding down quickly, but there is still time for you to earn some Great New Prizes from UnitWise!

Senior Sales Director - Julie Potts was awarded an iPad for making the most UnitWise referrals! (Read More)

This year we will be giving away Another Great Prize to the Referral Leader of 2012!  We will present this exciting prize at Leadership to the person with the most UnitWise Referrals & Sign-Ups for 2012.  Perhaps you will be the next lucky lady to win our Big Surprise in January!  

And There’s Even More!  
By popular demand, we are hosting another Roku Referral contest during the month of November!  This is a great chance for you to take your place in the line of UnitWise Referral Royalty & Win a Roku Player!  So help your MK friends start their year off on the right track by referring them to UnitWise!  (Learn More about this contest)

Don’t Forget!  Earn double credit by sending UnitHub Referrals for more chances to earn these Great Prizes!  UnitHub offers many of the same great features as UnitWise, and it can be used by any  Direct Selling Business owner as well as any International Mary Kay Consultants.
(Read More about sending Referrals for our other Products)


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