Promoting Your Website

There is no limit to what content can be placed on your UnitWise site, but we wanted to provide a few simple tips to help and encourage visitor interaction.

Web Forms - these are typically used to collect information from your visitors, you can use them for vouchers, prizes, or even just for contact information. For example, you could create a form for a "lucky prize winner" - let your visitors know that the person who fills out the 20th form wins a special prize! For information about creating those forms, Click Here

Blog - All UnitWise websites come with a default blog page and it's a great way to let your visitors know what's going on from time to time. Encourage them to leave comments by asking open ended questions concerning your topic.

Social Media - Facebook is used for personal and business reasons. To help keep your visitors coming back, try embedding your Facebook page into your website - or even add a "Like" button. This will not only help keep your site interactive, but it will also keep your Facebook likes and comments up. To find out more about embedding and adding buttons from Facebook, Click Here 

You can embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo, make slideshows from Animoto, add a free music player, create your own polls, and much more! There are lots of websites & tools that can be integrated, and most of them are free. The possibilities are endless and using these things in combination, or even a few at a time will make your visitors want to come back for more!


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