February Update

Welcome to the Family
The Heroes at UnitWise are proud to welcome the following NSDs into the UnitWise family:  National Sales Director Cathy Littlejohn, National Sales Director Diana Sumpter, Senior National Sales Director Maggie Nevarez, & National Sales Director Diana Fraustro.
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Feel The Power
We just got back from “Feel The Power Retreat” in Florida!  It was an honor to be invited by Angie “O” Onianwa to join NSDs Gloria Mayfield Banks, Pam Shaw, Auri Hatheway, Kate DeBlander, Joanne Barnes, & more.  We had a great opportunity to share all the good things about UnitWise and learn more from the attendees!   
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We’re thrilled to receive so many great compliments about UnitWise and how it has helped our users to manage their MK business more efficiently.  To make UnitWise even more complete, we need your help in determining the best features you like & ones you would like to have.  This Short Questionnaire will only take a few seconds to complete!
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It’s Tax Time
It’s time to start preparing your tax returns for 2012, and UnitWise can help with that. Take a look at the Year-End Tax Reports section to get started.

If you find yourself needing additional time to file your tax return this year, you can get a 6 month extension to file your tax return by E-Filing a Tax Extension through our sister product - ExpressExtension.com
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Big News!
Our programming team is always making UnitWise more and more awesome each day, and they’ve got something really special coming up over the next few months.  We will be making a Major Product Announcement for Seminar this year.  Connect with us on Facebook & Twitter to stay informed!  

Winner Winner Roku Player
We are excited to announce the Winner of the Roku Player Promo from Leadership!  Check Out the winner on our Facebook Page - www.Facebook.com/UnitWise
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Commonly Asked Questions
One question that we got a lot at Leadership was “Where are the rest of the Heroes?”   
Although we would love to bring everyone to Seminar or Leadership, we need some Heroes in the office for Customer Support.  Here’s a recent photo of the Marketing & Support Team in the office

Another popular question we had at Leadership was “Is Glenn really a Hero?  & Is he single?”  
Yes, Glenn is a Real Hero!!!
Yes, Glenn is Single!!!
He enjoys long walks on sandy beaches, getting caught in the rain, & watching the sunset... Be his Valentine this year!!!!!!
(Shhhh  He does not know that we are posting this!)
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