Get Ready for Valentine's Day

Want to be prepared for shipping products as we get closer to Valentine's Day? 

According to the USPS, the cost for sending flat rate priority mail is based on the size of the box or envelope you purchase directly from the post office, which ranges from $4.75 for an envelope to $14.50 for a large box. When sending regular priority mail with your own box the price is based on the weight of the package as well as the distance it must travel to get to its destination.  Depending on the weight, this could end up costing over $100!  So, weigh your package - if it's heavy with product you're shipping to your customer, a flat rate box may be less costly. 

Don't Forget that you can save Time by Purchasing & Printing your postage through UnitWise

Another question commonly asked to Heroes is: What to do when a client buys a surprise gift for a special someone?

That is where "Assign to" feature comes in handy. First, you want to make sure that the the giver & recipient are entered in UnitWise as customers (so when you e-mail the invoice, the surprise will not be spoiled by the wrong person getting the e-mail).

Then start entering the invoice as usual, except click on the "Assign to" icon across from the product name and enter recipient's name, to record the product in the their product history.  That way, the buyer gets the Sales History, but the recipient gets the product history.


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