Tax Time

It’s time to start preparing your tax returns for 2012, and UnitWise can help with that. Take a look at the Year-End Tax Reports section to get started.  We have Profit & Loss reports, Inventory Reports for Quantity on Hand, Expense Reports, and much more!
If you have more questions about the various UnitWise Reports, you can always contact the Heroes by phone, chat, or email.
As your tax deadline comes closer, it is vital that your tax return is completed properly.  As an independent consultant, you are eligible for various tax write-offs and deductions that you can claim for your business.  If you are not aware of the deductions that you may be entitled to, you should consult with a tax professional to learn more.  
It is much better to take your time to ensure that your tax return is completed properly, rather than rushing through it just to get it done.  When you rush through a tax return, you run the risk of making mistakes, and you also run the risk of overlooking important deductions and write-offs that could benefit you. 
If you find yourself needing additional time to file your tax return this year, you can get a 6 month extension to file your tax return by E-Filing a Tax Extension through our sister product -


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