A look back at 2013!

As we get ready for the exciting events of 2014, the UnitWise Heroes would like you to join us for a look back at 2013. This has been an amazing year for UnitWise, and we sincerely thank you for helping us create these memories. How well do you know UnitWise, take our quiz while you scroll through our year in review.

January 2013

UnitWise Heroes attended the Leadership conference in Los Angeles. We had a great time there and met a lot of new friends. We can’t wait for New Orleans 2014!


1. For the 2014 Leadership Conference, what are the booth numbers where you can find us?
a. 208 and 209  b. A02 and A03  c. 408 and 407 d. 802 and 803 

February 2013

Heroes attended the Feel the Power retreat in Sandestin, Florida and got to hangout with NSDs: Joanne Barnes, Auri Hatheway. The UnitWise Heroes love any chance to interact with Mary Kay Consultants, Directors, and NSDs!


March 2013

UnitWise heroes participated in Global Makeover day on March 8th. Fun times!

April 2013

Our VP of Operations, Glenn Durand, cooked lunch for all the UnitWise heroes: Corn beef, cabbage...yummm. We can’t wait for our next home cooked meal at the UnitWise headquarters!

2. Do you know what type of office furniture Glenn has at the UnitWise headquarters?
a. mahogany    b. plastic     c. cardboard    d. bean bags

May 2013

UnitWise officially outgrows its office on India Hook Road and sets out to move to Old Town Rock Hill, S.C.! Can you spot our CEO Agie Sundaram and our VP of Operations Glenn Durand?

June 2013

Mary Kay Donates 2 Million Yuan to a China Women's Development Foundation (CWDF) to aid impoverished women become entrepreneurs.

July 2013

Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas, the bridge was lit up in pink for the 50th Mary Kay anniversary, and stayed pink for the duration of the 2013 Mary Kay Seminar!


3. What other pink themed celebration occurred to commemorate Mary Kay’s 50th anniversary?
a. Pink Cadillac Parade  b. the Mary Kay fountain was dyed pink  c. special limited edition pink blush   d. Pink themed Mary Kay at Play palette

August 2013

UnitWise added amazing new features including Android and iPad apps, email marketing with reports, and UW SmartEditor.

September 2013

We loved the Keep Calm and Carry on trend so much we made one too. We made sure that every UnitWise user can always contact the heroes at UnitWise through phone, chat, and 24/7 email support.

October 2013

Mary Kay is announced as the official sponsor of Project Runway All Stars Season 3! We have had a lot of fun live tweeting the episodes from our twitter handle @UnitWise. Don’t forget to watch with us Thursday, January 2 at 9.8c


4. Which Project Runway All Stars contestant often waves a fan during the runway show?
a. Elena  b. Korto  c. Viktor  d. Christopher

November 2013

Mary Kay beat 300 other beauty websites and was voted ‘Best Website’ at the 1st Beauty 2.0 Awards held in Paris, France.


December 2013

Mary Kay features one of their advertisements in Time Square for their Discover what you Love campaign.


5. The Mary Kay Foundation’s mission is to help….
a. improve children’s education  b. end women’s cancers  c. aid domestic abuse victims  d. b and c

January 2014

UnitWise is attending the 2014 Mary Kay Leadership conference! Register for live workshops completely free! We will be vendors at booths #802 and #803 on 1/12-1/18 and we would love to meet you in person and tell you more about UnitWise.


Did you get all the questions right? Here are the answers:

1. d. 802 and 803
2. c. cardboard
3. a. Pink Cadillac Parade 
4. c. Viktor
5. d. b and c

*Photos courtesy of Mary Kay


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