Using Call Notes in UnitWise

As a busy MK consultant, you have to deal with a multitude of tasks every day. UnitWise has developed a Call Notes feature to help you stay organized and grow your business all while providing the best customer service.

Call Notes allow you to make a memo of what has been discussed with a customer, prospective client, or a team member over the phone or in person. Every call note has a feature to create a follow-up task so you will remember to check back with a customer at a later date. Call Notes can be very useful in the following scenarios:

Leads Scenario:

As you create a Lead in UnitWise (Customers > Customer Center > Add New > Lead) you will be automatically creating a follow-up task with them. The dates for the follow-up are determined in your account Preferences or you can manually set the date. The follow-up task reminds you to call/email your Lead. As you speak to your Lead, you can make notes of your conversation; their opinions, possible appointments, product recommendations, etc.

The follow-up appointment will appear on your Calendar, Dashboard and Daily Email of Agenda.

As you call again, you may create another Call Note and a Follow-up task.

In order to see your follow-up tasks at a glance you can go to Customers > Customer Center > Call Notes/Follow up

Customer Follow Up Scenario:

You can use the Call Notes feature to streamline your record keeping.

When generating Sales Receipts and Invoices in UnitWise, a follow-up task is automatically created. You always want to contact your customers to make sure that they are happy with the product. When you call, really listen to their feedback and make notes via the Call Notes feature.

When you make your follow-up call with your customer, you will be on top of your game, remembering the conversation and the details from the initial call.

If the customer calls you, you won’t be caught off guard, just go to Customers > Customer Center > pull up your customer > "N” or Call Notes tab inside the profile and read the notes of the previous conversation. Voila, you are a pro at Customer Follow Up.

When you complete the follow-up call, mark the follow-up task as Completed by changing the color of the flag in the Dashboard or from the Customer’s Activities tab from Blue to Green

You may also Delete the task if you no longer need to reference it. Deleting the task will not delete the call note itself.
Call Notes can be edited or deleted as needed by opening your customer profile > Call Notes tab > click Edit (or Delete).

If you like to manage all your customers’ Call Notes, you can access them all, by going to Activities > Notes.

If you have any questions about the Call Notes feature in UnitWise, please feel free to contact UnitWise Heroes at


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