Secure, Convert, Repeat: How-To Track and Manage your Leads like a Pro with UnitWise

how-to track and manage leads with unitwise

Recruiting new team members and customers is an integral part of growing your Mary Kay business, but when you’re busy meeting new people all week, it can be easy to forget the conversations you’ve had. UnitWise can help you keep track of everyone with the Customer Center.

Manage customers, leads, contacts, and team members, track follow-ups, and create and manage activities and tasks all from one user-friendly software! Your Mary Kay calendar is at your fingertips with UnitWise!

Track and Manage Leads

You work hard to secure leads, but gaining leads is only half the battle. After all, the end goal is to convert leads to customers or team members. UnitWise can help you keep track of all of your leads, with time-saving resources that help you turn those leads into conversions.

Here’s how:

add lead

Within your UnitWise “Customer Center” you have the option to add new contacts, customers, leads, and team members. Click “Add New” then select “Lead” from the drop-down list.

Here, you are able to add important information about your lead including their contact information, date of birth, and beauty profile.

contact details

Try to be as detailed and accurate as possible when filling out your lead’s contact and beauty information. This will help you later on when you go to follow-up.


As a business owner, you have a lot on your mind. It’s natural that you won’t remember everything said in a call with one of your leads. UnitWise has you covered. Once your lead is saved, you have the ability to add and edit call notes.

add call notes

Select the lead you will be calling, then click the “Call Notes” tab. Each call note allows you to include the purpose for the call and a text box for keeping notes before, during, and after the call. Select the date you wish to follow up with the lead, whether it's 2 days, 2 weeks, or 2 months from now: 
add follow-up date

The "Next Followup Date" you select will be automatically added to your UnitWise calendar. 

Under the “Call Notes” tab, you are able to view all call notes from that customer, including the follow-up date for your next conversation:

follow-up date w/ call note

Edit or delete these call notes at any time using the icons to the right of each call note.

Next to the “Call Notes” tab lives the “Activities” tab. This is where all upcoming tasks will be listed for each of your customers:

activities tab

These tasks are also present on your UnitWise calendar as well. You can delete activities at any time using the trash can icon. Any changes to the “Activities” tab will be automatically reflected on your UnitWise calendar.

Note that you can convert leads to customers, contacts, or team members or delete leads at any time from any tab. These actions are located at the top right corner of each customer’s profile.

Contact Group

You’ve learned how to add a lead, schedule a phone call, and add follow-up tasks, but how do you organize leads once they’re in your Customer Center? UnitWise has a great “Contact Group” feature that allows you to create segments for your leads, customers, contacts, and team members.

You can find this feature in the “Customers” tab under “Contact Group.”

contact group

The left sidebar of your “Contact Group” tab will help you filter groups, saving you time if you’re searching for a specific customer or group:

your groups

This is a great way to keep all of your contact groups organized!

add contact group

Click “Add Contact Group” to add a contact group. Give your group a name, description, and display order, then click “Save.”

add contact group

The “Manage Contact Group” button allows you to edit and delete contact groups. You can also add contact groups from this page:

add contact groups from the "manage contacts" page

Try it for yourself by creating a “Lead” and “Potential Lead” contact group today!

Email Marketing

Contact groups are a great way to keep all of your leads, customers, and contacts organized, but what if I told you that creating contact groups could help simplify your digital marketing strategy?

To demonstrate just how easy it is, I created a contact group entitled “Potential Leads.”

your group

My new contact group is listed under the “Your Group” tab on the left sidebar of my Customer Center. When I click on the “Potential Leads” contact group, UnitWise shows me a list of all the contacts in this contact group, their email addresses, preferred phone numbers, and call notes follow-up.

copy email list

At the bottom of this page, there is a button that allows me to copy the email addresses of all of the contacts in this contact group.

paste email list

A window with a list of all the email addresses in this contact group will appear. Right-click and select “copy” or hit ctrl + c to copy the email list. From here, click the “Emails” tab under “Customers,” then click “New Email,” and paste your email list into the “Email To” box.

send email to a contact group

This feature isn’t just for leads. Create contact groups for customers with a negative balance, top performers, top buyers, partially paid invoices, etc.

Once you get the hang of creating and managing contact groups, it’s a great element to add to your digital marketing strategy.

Organizing your contacts by specific groups or segments allows you to personalize your email marketing strategy to each group. This means you know exactly what audience you are targeting and writing for.

This strategy can save you time when you sit down to draft an email. Don’t find yourself going through each of your contacts individually, hopping from page to page, copying and pasting email addresses. Create a few contact groups today and get typing right away!

hero tip

Heroes Inside Tip:
Save even more time by creating a “Potential Lead” email template using the “Email Marketing” section of your account. This way all you need to do to contact your “Potential Lead” contact group is copy the email list, start a new email, select “Template” instead of “Custom,” and then select the “Potential Lead” email template.


Why wait?

UnitWise can help take your email marketing strategy to the next level. Try it for yourself today by creating a contact group for your leads and sending them an email using the copy email list feature today!

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