E-mail Throttling

Do you wonder why your marketing emails are sent at different time intervals instead of all at once or why there is a difference in the time you send the email and the time it is delivered?

It’s a process called Throttling.

Throttling - describes the process of regulating email send rates. Throttling limits the number of email messages that a broadcaster can send to a single ISP (Internet Service Provider) or mail server at one time. In fact, some ISPs will bounce emails if they receive too many messages from one sending address at once and your recipients will never get the email. While throttling can be frustrating when sending your marketing emails, it is in place to protect against spammers, and we all know how annoying spam mail can be.

Here are few tips we can recommend to make Throttling your friend:
  • Send campaigns in advance. That way your message will have plenty of time to reach the recipients. 
  • Send emails in batches of smaller groups
  • Schedule the emails for non-peak hours: stay away from standard bank hours: 8am-6pm.
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