How To: Using the - Assign To - Program Feature In UnitWise

Sometimes your customers may purchase products for other people as gifts. You may see it a lot during the Holiday Season and even in spring for Mother’s day.

We love extra orders, but what do you do about the products that are purchased for someone else? That is when the - Assign To - feature in UnitWise comes in handy.

How Do I Use The Assign To feature?
For example, if you have John buying a surprise gift for his wife, let’s call her Mary, you should enter John as a customer in UnitWise (if you haven’t yet). Then, start creating an Invoice/Sales Receipt under his name - so to not accidentally spoil the surprise and email the Payment Receipt to Mary’s email address - and BONUS you gain a new customer that way!As you create an Invoice or a Sales Receipt you can click on the Assign To icon, to the right of the product name,and enter the name of the person that is receiving the products as a gift.

Keep in mind that the person you are assigning a product to must be already listed in your UnitWise account as a Customer or a Team Member. To add somebody to your contacts, customer or team member group go to your customers > customer center and click on add new. For further details please check out this tutorial video.

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