5 Ways To Get Your Inventory Ready for Black Friday and Pink Monday


The holidays are fast approaching! Can you believe it? Between Christmas shopping, getting preparations ready for Thanksgiving dinner, and working, I barely have time during the day for myself.  How are you handling all the holiday buzz? I’m sure you’re getting your products ready for the biggest sales days of the year: Black Friday and Pink Monday. Well, here at UnitWise we have a few suggestions on how to get ready and stay prepared just in time!

1. Organize Your Product Shelf

Isn’t it easier to tell what something is when it’s out of the box? We think so, that’s why we advise taking your products out of the shipping boxes and putting them on a shelf. Of course, if you have younger Mary Kay enthusiasts (children) running around, make sure to place your inventory shelf in a low-traffic area.

2. Labels, Labels, Labels

I love it when everything is so organized, there are even labels! Labels make a world of difference when you have a variety of foundations, powders, and other makeup products. If you’re in a time crunch and have to make several gift baskets for customers, a label maker will come in handy, letting you quickly grab products and keep moving.

3. Separate Your Demo Products

You have the products you use for selling and the ones you use for demos—best not to confuse them. We suggest placing all of the products you use for demos on another shelf or in another container. When you’re in the midst of the holiday rush, you don’t want to confuse a sample or a demo with a real-deal product.

4. Review Inventory Often

How many ivory foundation products do you have on hand? Are you going to have to go count them to find out? We hope not; there’s a faster way to do it. When you partner with UnitWise, you can keep all of your products organized, as well as view a snapshot of your quantity on hand. You can even mark certain products as hot sellers to make sure you always have plenty in stock.


Forget about writing all of your products, their arrival dates, and the quantity down on a spreadsheet; you can do it all with the help of UnitWise. What better way to keep your inventory prepared for the holidays than with the UnitWise inventory feature? And to make your life even easier, you can import all of your products directly from InTouch. Whenever you make a sale, UnitWise will update your product information, as well as prepare sales receipts and invoices to make your end-of-year filing a breeze. And what’s even better, UnitWise is as mobile as you are! From your computer, tablet, or our new My UnitBuzz app, you can access all of your information from your UnitWise account. Don’t have internet where you’re going? No problem; use the mobile site uwnow.com.

Getting ready for the busiest season doesn’t have to be difficult when you have UnitWise on your side. See how the inventory feature can help you manage and keep track of all of your products. Are you ready to sell, sell, sell this holiday season?


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