Video: 7 Amazing Makeup Tricks Every Woman Should Know

When it comes to makeup, every woman has her own unique way of applying it. Some women love to use brushes to apply everything, while others (like me) dabble with applying it using our fingers or q tips. Who’s doing it the right way? Well, glad you asked! When it comes to wanting a certain result and look for your makeup, there’s definitely a “right way” to apply it. Application is the secret to your makeup success, and the Heros are here to help you achieve it. We’ve got seven amazing makeup application tricks that every woman should know. Check ‘em out!

1. Foundation

When applying foundation, the route you decide to take (finger or brush) will give you very different results. Using a brush will provide you with a medium coverage, but a very polished look. Applying foundation with your finger, however, will give you complete coverage. *Side note: never apply concealer to your eyelid, it can cause major creases.

2. Powder

I always assumed powder was just like foundation, thinking that you apply it everywhere. WRONG. Apply powder where you are the shiniest, typically your T-zone area (your forehead and down your nose). You can, however, apply a light dusting of powder to the rest of your face too for more added comfort and coverage.

3. Blush

Gone are the days where you only apply blush to the apples of your cheeks! When applying blush, first start by smiling. Apply blush to the apple (biggest part of your cheek) and blend upwards towards your ear, swooping down a little to accent the jawline.

4. Eyeliner

I wear eyeliner everyday, but it seems I’ve been applying it completely wrong. WHOA! The trick to getting the perfect look and straight line is all in your stance. That’s right! When you’re applying eyeliner, never look straight at the mirror. Instead get as close to the mirror as possible, stick your head up and bring your chin closer to the mirror. I’d advise looking down (with your eyes) when you apply it and begin with the innermost corner of your eye. And remember, go all the way out to the fold on the outside of your eye.

5. Lipstick

No look is ever complete without a splash of color to your lips. But applying lipstick perfectly can be pretty tricky. Always make sure you’re pressing down hard enough, but not so much that you define your cupid’s bow (the top of your lip). And be sure to apply lipstick all the way around, including the inner corners of your lips. 

6. Bronzer

Get that perfect summer’s glow all winter long with bronzer. Bronzer, however, is just not for your face; you should apply it to your neck and chest as well. To make sure you’ve got the coverage and color right, take a step back from the mirror; it helps.  

We’re going to let Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist, Diana Carreiro, explain picking the right eyeshadow, as well as her application tips for perfect results. Take it away Diana!

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