Keep Your Unit Connected with the Invite/Access Feature of MyUnitBuzz

MyUnitBuzz is the hottest thing to hit the beauty consulting business since pink Cadillacs.

Directors and NSDs even refer to it as their secret weapon, because it’s changing the way they communicate and connect with their unit for the better—by bringing all of their members together. When a unit has a better connection, they’re more motivated to get sales and advance their career.

What is MyUnitBuzz?

Powered by UnitWise, MyUnitBuzz is the total communication app that instantly connects directors to their unit members. MyUnitBuzz is a mobile app that can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets, to go wherever you go. It’s full of innovative features to communicate with, motivate, manage, and organize your unit members.

Why The Invite/Access Feature is Best

The Invite/Access feature keeps the information shared in MyUnitBuzz secure. It allows directors to accept or deny access requests, so they can make sure that only their unit members lay eyes on their private, business related information. Plus, unit members can quickly join the group by sending an access request. Once you accept their request they can see and participate in all of the great features MyUnitBuzz has to offer.

To make things even simpler for your unit to get started with MyUnitBuzz as a director, after you’ve set up MyUnitBuzz with your unit number, you can send out individual login information to each of your unit members via email. All they’ll have to do is download the app and login to get started, and they’ll be quickly connected with your entire team.

More of MyUnitBuzz’s Innovative Features

Chat - With the chat feature, you can instantly exchange messages with your unit members while on the go. MyUnitBuzz keeps all of your unit’s information in one place, so instead of taking the time to look up a unit member’s information you can instantly open MyUnitBuzz to contact them.

Message - Why add everyone to a group text or email your unit members one by one when you can use MyUnitBuzz to instantly send an update to your entire unit? This time saving feature revolutionizes the the way group communicating is done. MyUnitBuzz messages are quick and simple to send. Plus, they’re kept in the app, not in your text messages in order to keep business related messages separated from personal texts.

Event Calendar - The event calendar is basically your online scheduling assistant. Use it to schedule all of your upcoming events and to send out invitations for them. Also, use the calendar to assign tasks for your unit members to complete during events and parties, as well as to send them reminders about upcoming meetings. Best of all, the event calendar keeps track of RSVPs, so you’ll know how many guests to expect.

Unit Goals - Keep your unit motivated by assigning them goals to work towards on an individual or group basis. You’ll be able to track their progress and know when to step in to motivate and help them out, or congratulate them. You can even send out accomplishment messages when a goal is met to your entire team to celebrate.

Unit Career Path - When a new member joins your unit, they can be a little nervous. They’re starting a whole new full time career or part time hobby in an industry they’ve never worked in before. Set new unit members on the path to success by creating a custom unit career path for them, that’s full of short term goals, long term goals, and scheduled targets. They’ll be an expert in sales before you know it.

Resource Library - Use the resource library to upload important documents and training materials to one convenient location. You’ll be able to quickly pull up an article to reference at any time. Plus, your unit members will be able to reference the documents to answer any questions that they may have, or to brush up on their training materials.

This will save you time, because when your unit members have questions you won’t have to go searching through files on your computer or phone to find a certain document for them. Instead, it will already be in one location for them to easily access.

Image Library - Be sure to keep up with photos from parties and events with the image library. You and your unit members can upload and store photos in the app to enjoy and reminisce about. Saving photos shows that you care for your unit and will build a stronger bond, to create more of a friendship level in your unit. If you care, then your unit members will also care, which leads to a better connection and more sales.

Social Media - We know that a major aspect of business success comes from social media. Also, we know that managing multiple social media accounts can be a hassle, especially when switching back and forth from your personal and business related accounts. That’s why with MyUnitBuzz all of your social media accounts are kept in one place, so you can easily login to them without having to enter your name and password. You’ll have the ability to instantly post updates and photos to all of your social media accounts without switching between multiple apps.

Get Your Unit Connected With MyUnitBuzz

Why hesitate when it comes to building a better connection to your unit with superior communication and simpler management? Take advantage of MyUnitBuzz’s innovative features for group messaging, unit goals, managing your social media accounts, and more. If you’re a UnitWise director or NSD, MyUnitBuzz is free for you and your unit members to download and access.

Not apart of the UnitWise family? Simply download the app with a monthly fee of $2.95, and it will be free for your unit members.

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