Don't Make These Foundation Mistakes

Foundation is an essential part of makeup, and it can make or break your look. When applied incorrectly, it can look cakey, too powdery, or even have the wrong color. Lucky for you, we have a few foundation tips about what not to do that will transform you from a rookie to a foundation pro.

Find The Right Shade of Foundation

When finding the right shade of foundation for your skin don’t check the shade under florescent lighting. Test it near a bright window where natural light flows in. Natural light will help you determine if you have the right shade of foundation or not.

Also, don’t test a foundation by putting it on the back of your hand. Generally, the skin on your hands has a different complexion than the skin on your face. Be sure to test your foundation on your jawline, if it disappears on your skin then you have the right shade.

Never try to fake a sun-kissed tan with foundation. If you use a shade that's too dark for your skin you may end up looking like an Oompa Loompa. Trust us, you’ll look amazing with a foundation that simply matches your skin tone.

However, when in doubt pick a shade just slightly darker than your skin tone, and never go lighter. If you go too light you may end up looking like a panda with a light face and dark body.

Don’t Keep the Same Foundation for too Long

All makeup can expire, but sometimes you have up to a year before they do. Even if you have a year to use your foundation, you may not want to keep it that long, because as air interacts with foundation it can oxidize and change shades. Most older foundations start to turn orange over time.

Also, you need to change your foundation with the seasons. During the summer, when it’s humid you can probably get away with a powder foundation, but in the winter when it’s dryer it’s time to switch to a liquid formula to keep your skin hydrated.

Keep in mind that your skin tone changes during the year. You may need a darker foundation shade in the summer, and a lighter one in the winter.

Be Properly Prepared

Before applying your foundation, make sure that you’ve done the proper prep work. Start off by washing your face and exfoliating your skin, to wash away dead skin cells, so your foundation can be more evenly applied.

If you use a moisturizer let it dry out before putting your foundation on. If you don’t let it dry first then your foundation could end up looking uneven with streaks.

Consider using a primer prior to applying your foundation, because primer will fill your pores and wrinkles, leading to a smoother face. Plus, primer will help your foundation last longer throughout the day. Simply remember to let your primer dry first, like your moisturizer.

Have the right tools on deck, whether you prefer to have a sponge or makeup brush, go ahead and have them ready. Keep in mind that the bristles should be synthetic, never use animal hair bristles with liquids.

Apply Your Foundation Correctly

Never put foundation on with your fingers, because it will often look uneven as a result. Plus, putting your fingers on your face can introduce your skin to new bacteria and lead to acne as a result.

When using a sponge slowly dab your foundation on, and when using a brush, apply your foundation by rubbing it on your skin with small circles.

To avoid a thick and cakey look, don’t put too much makeup on your face, a light layer will be best. Also, remember to blend your foundation to give your face an all-natural look. When blending, remember to focus on the areas of your face that need the most coverage, like around your nose and eyes.

Don’t stop blending at your jawline! Be sure to blend your foundation under your jawline and on your neck to make sure that your face matches your neck.

Once your foundation is evenly applied and blended set it with a translucent powder so your flawless look will stay intact all day. Avoid tinted powders that could throw off the shade of your foundation.

Be a Foundation Pro

Use your skills to have a flawless look daily. Also, if you’re an NSD, director, or independent beauty consultant be sure to teach new clients all about the proper foundation techniques while at makeup parties or events.

Plus, you can use UnitWise, the all-in-one beauty consultant solution to keep track of your business and inventory, so you can always make sure that you have foundations, brushes, and sponges available in your inventory.


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