Here's a Better Way to Manage Your Inventory

In the beauty consulting industry keeping up with your inventory can be a pain. It can take hours to manually log how much of each product you have in stock and to manually adjust your stock after making a sale.

Plus, what happens when you run out of an item that you thought you had in stock, or when you order too much of an item that you didn’t realize wasn’t moving very quickly?

Simplify the process of keeping track of your inventory and never run out of hot selling items with the help of UnitWise.


UnitWise is the ultimate business management solution for NSDs, directors, and independent beauty consultants. It’s full of groundbreaking features to save you time while simplifying managing every aspect of your business. A few of UnitWise’s revolutionary features include inventory management, email marketing, unit productivity reports, online payments, accounting, and more.

Managing Your Inventory With UnitWise

With UnitWise you can stay up to date with the latest Mary Kay items because UnitWise syncs with Mary Kay’s product list. You’ll be able to quickly search for and pull up any Mary Kay item to add to receipts or invoices, plus you’ll be notified and your inventory will be automatically updated when new products are released.

Also, you can import your InTouch orders up to 45 days after shipping and your inventory will automatically be updated. Then you can use the bulk edit feature to quickly edit your entire inventory on hand. Simply go down the list and enter how many of each product you have.

UnitWise connects your inventory with your receipts and invoices, so when a sale is made your inventory will be adjusted, leaving you with more free time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Like with all product lines, some items will sell faster than others. That’s why UnitWise offers a hot sellers list, so you can add your top-performing skincare and makeup products to an easily accessible list in order to quickly find and add them to invoices and receipts.

You can use UnitWise to completely customize your inventory to your liking. You can create groups and add certain products to them. For example, you can group all of your eye shadows together, or fall colors together. The possibilities are endless.

If you don’t want to run out of a certain product, you can select an ideal inventory level for it. For example, if you never want to run out of coral lip liner then set its ideal inventory level to 5, and every time your QOH lowers to five left in inventory you’ll receive a notification to order more.

When you have a wholesale order, but aren’t sure if you have enough items in stock to fill it run a shopping list report. The report will show you all of the items that are below your ideal inventory.

Are you ready for holiday sales? Either way, be sure to create custom gift baskets and add them to your inventory. Gift baskets filled with skincare products, clay masks, moisturizers, creams, and more make excellent gifts and can really boost your sales. Plus, if someone only wants one item out of your gift basket you can split it up for them.

Try UnitWise Today

Use your 15-day free trial to test out UnitWise’s intuitive features. You’ll be able to see how the tools for consultant management, social media, invoicing, unit reports, inventory management, and more will instantly simplify managing your business. Best of all, you will save time while growing your business and building your unit.

*Content found in the UnitWise blog is for informational purposes only. UnitWise is an independent business with no affiliation to Mary Kay®.


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