Reasons Why People Don't Want To Join Mary Kay

Mary Kay has been a thriving industry for years, promising to support both men and women as they educate people about skin care products. It all seems like a win-win. You join the company, make friends, and get amazing prizes for reaching high levels of success. This all seems great, but sometimes this picture isn’t enough, and people have their reasons for not wanting to join.

Why People Don’t Want To Join Mary Kay

Some people don’t consider themselves to be the sales type, which is important in the cosmetic industry that’s based on sales. That’s why Directors teach people how to get sales. If someone is too shy to go out there and introduce themselves to new people, or even make a simple phone call then Mary Kay can help them get over their shyness and build confidence to speak to strangers and in front of crowds.

People think that others don’t want to be approached by beauty consultants. While it’s true that you could annoy someone by trying to sell them products, others want your help. They don’t know what skin care products they should use, or how to use them and welcome the advice you have to offer.

Remember, knowledge is power, and society isn’t going to give up skin care anytime soon, so knowing about the products could get you a long way.

Sometimes the Mary Kay ‘look’ can be intimidating. People don’t know what products to use or how to dress. Luckily Mary Kay doesn’t have a dress code, and everyone can bring their unique personal flair to the table.

If you don’t know how to do your makeup or which colors are yours you’ll quickly learn while learning about the products. A lot of ladies join Mary Kay without knowing where to begin with makeup, and now they’re pros.

Newcomers don’t want to spend extra hours and days away from home. They think Mary Kay will be this huge time-consuming part of their life, but in reality, you can put in as much time as you want.

While it’s true you need to take the time to work towards getting sales and learn the business, but you can only work nights, and you can even use Mary Kay as a part time hobby. Some consultants make all of their income off of their full-time sales, and others make a little extra money here and there when they want to.

The fear of losing money can be all too real. There are rumors out there saying that you have to buy a $600 makeup kit to join Mary Kay, that’s a big number, and that’s not true. You do have to purchase products to sell in order to get started, but you can choose how much to buy.

You’ll never be forced to pay for anything that you don’t want to. Then you don’t have to buy more products later, although it’s encouraged to have items on hand to fulfill sales faster for better customer service. How you manage your inventory is up to you, plus you can even return your products.

People don’t want to get trapped. They don’t want to get roped into an activity that keeps them for years. This notion is a little ridiculous. You can quit Mary Kay anytime you want. Directors won’t waste their time with people who simply don’t want to be a part of the program.

However, Mary Kay can be more than just a sales job. You can make lifelong friends with your unit members and use it as a hobby to stay connected with you friends and daughters. You have the power to make it what you want it to be.

Starting a new job is risky. This is true, you could do extremely well with hard work and perseverance or you could not put much effort in and cut corners to end up not doing so great. However, Mary Kay is just as risky as joining any other new job! You never know if you’re going to make it or not, all you can do is try, and try hard!

For Mary Kay, in particular, you have to be self-motivated, hard working, and confident to go out there and get the sales.

Is Mary Kay For You?

While the big picture of friendship, success, and prizes look great, be sure to think critically about joining or not. What happens with your Mary Kay career is totally up to you. If you have what it takes to make sales and climb your way up the ladder go for it!

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