Beauty Consultants Use These Steps For More Sales


Alright, now that the holidays have passed and you’re returning to your normal groove it’s time to focus on your business. 2017 is your year to take your beauty consulting business to new levels of success, and the trick to doing that is by getting more sales. Stick with UnitWise to learn all the tips and tricks to not only make it, but to thrive as an NSD, director, or independent beauty consultant.


UnitWise is the secret weapon used by leading NSD, directors, and independent beauty consultants because it’s the complete beauty consultant business management solution. It’s designed to help individuals in the beauty consultant industry save time while effectively managing their business.

Plus, it only takes a few minutes to get started then you’ll have access to tons of innovative features for email marketing, inventory management, accounting, tracking expenses, and more.

How To Get More Sales

1. Set Up A Referral Program

Sometimes the best way to get more sales is to have your customers spread the word about your business and services to other people. Now, this can be done by providing your customers with spectacular service and quality products, so they’ll just have to rant and rave about them to their friends.

Or you can cut to the chase and entice them with a free item with a referral program. All you have to do is offer your customers something in return for a few minutes of their time. For example, maybe if they get five people to sign up for your marketing emails they can have a free shade of lipstick. Also, if they get four friends to buy the White Tea and Citrus Satin Hands Pampering Set they’ll get the White Tea and Citrus Satin Hand Nourishing Shea Cream for free.

Referral programs are a proven method of sales, that get your clients to do the work for you. The products you offer can be big and small and the work your clients do for them can vary because the creative possibilities are endless.

2. Be Honest

Do you remember those TV ads back in the day that pushed products as absolute miracle workers? Like stackable Tupperware containers that will transform your kitchen into the best, cleanest place to cook in the world? People have caught on to that and grown skeptical.

Customers don’t want to hear insane claims about makeup making them look 25 years younger, they want to know the truth about what it can really do. So, don’t oversell a product, be realistic instead.

For example, most acne products aren’t instant miracle workers, they take about a month to clear up your skin. We aren’t saying to not push the benefits, by all means, spread the word about how your acne products will clear up your skin, and make it feel soft, just don’t push intense claims about it.

3. Be Promotionally Prepared

With UnitWise you can schedule email blasts to go out in advance to plan promotions for holidays and events in advance. You could have had your new year’s deals planned two weeks ahead of time, to avoid scrambling on new year’s day to put a sale together.

Along with emails, you can plan your social media plans in advance to boost promotions. By taking the time to plan out your sales you can think about what certain event is coming up to really hook your audience instead of missing out on an advertising opportunity.

You always need your business cards with you. There are opportunities to push your business everywhere you go, every day. You might see someone touching up their makeup in the restroom and can offer them your card, or you can leave a few behind at a fancy restaurant. You could even give out your card while simply introducing yourself to strangers. Remember, those who get opportunities are the ones who go out there and take them.

4. Organize Workshops

The key element to beauty consulting sales is makeup parties. Even if you find yourself becoming well established, don’t skip out on the workshops. You’ll boost your name and repetition by hosting as many parties as you can.

Some people are intimidated by makeup or don’t even know about certain products that are out there, and the best way to sell items to them is by showing them the best way to use it.

Plus, you can plan different makeup parties around different themes. Valentine's day is coming up, so you can plan a luscious lip workshop, or you can plan a glamor eye tutorial to help people prepare for Saint Patrick’s day.

Rock Those Sales Today

Why wait? The clock is already ticking. Make 2017 the best year for your sales that you’ve ever had with a little promotional planning, honesty, and hard work. Plus you can check out UnitWise to help you save time while efficiently managing your entire business online. Sign up for your free 15-day trial today.

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