The Official How To Wash Your Hair Less Guide

We all know that one girl who says she hasn’t washed her hair in 4 days. We then think about how nice it must be to not deal with the time-consuming process of washing and drying your hair every day, but doesn’t that sound a little impossible?! Well, it’s not! Use our washing your hair less guide to save time without washing and how to train your hair to be less greasy.

How To Wash Your Hair Less

First of all, you could really save time by just shaving your head. Then you’ll never have to brush out tangles or spend hours waiting for your hair to dry. Just kidding, please don’t shave your flawless mane!

As mentioned above, your hair will be trained to be less greasy. After two weeks of washing your hair less then your scalp and hair will produce less oil, so power on through to enjoy the luxurious life of washing your hair less.

Now we said this guide is for washing your hair less, not for showering less!

So, the first step involves investing in a shower cap to put over your hair when you do shower to keep it dry.

Also, when you do shampoo do it the right way. Only put shampoo on your scalp and don’t run your sudsy fingers through your hair. Also only use conditioner on the tips of your hair. Pull your hair back as if you’re putting it in a ponytail then move your fingers back an inch or two to find the portion of your hair that needs to be conditioned.

Invest in a lighter shampoo, usually, shampoos that are clear are the lightest. Clarifying shampoos are stronger ones that can really knock away the buildup of grease. Also, use a dandruff shampoo if you need to.

When you do get down to shampooing your hair once a week you can rinse your scalp with apple cider vinegar. Use 2 parts water and 1 part apple cider vinegar to clear out grease and oil buildups.

Don’t use hot water, use warm water. Steaming hot showers can really dry out your hair and skin so only turn up the heat on special occasions.

When your hair is dry, try not to touch it. The grease from your fingers could spread to make your hair look oily.

Avoid putting heavy hair styling products in your hair. A texturizing spray is fine, and try to avoid oil based products. If your hair is getting dry putting a leave in conditioner cream will help.

Using a boar bristle brush will help you naturally soak up oil. It will also help you break up oil at your scalp and spread it to the rest of your hair to dilute it. However, bristle brushes are thick so be gentle with them and use a regular brush to get rid of tangles first.

When you sleep put your hair up in a bun on top of your head. This will keep you from rolling and drooling all over your hair. Be sure to use a scrunchie or a hair bow without elastic to prevent putting creases in your hair. Also, change your pillowcase often. As you sleep oil and sweat can start to build up on it. Changing your pillowcase often can also help prevent acne. Important: Don’t forget to pin your bangs away from your face.

At the end of day two without shampooing your hair put in dry shampoo at night. That’s right, at night, not in the morning. It will help soak up oil while you sleep. You can use dry shampoo sprays or use a DYI mixture with baby powder. Baby powder actually naturally gets rid of dandruff too!

On day three or four put your hair up. The messy look is in. Messy buns and messy braids will hide the fact that your hair isn’t shower fresh. Just make sure that your hair isn’t pulled back too tightly. If you’re a hat or scarf person then go for it.

In fact, the more you put your hair up the better. It will be kept clean longer, and you’ll be less tempted to touch it. On hot humid days, it’s always best to have your hair pulled back away from your face.

At the gym wear a headband to soak up sweat or poof up your bangs to keep them away from your forehead. Again, make sure your hair isn’t pulled back too tightly.

Not washing your hair doesn’t mean don’t style it. Check your hair in the morning for creases and dents. Straighten or curl it if you need to. Use a texturizing spray to add volume. You can also dampen your hair a little and blow dry it to get rid of oil.

Enjoy Washing Your Hair Less

There are only a few simple steps you need to take to enjoy the freedom of washing your hair less. Over washing often leads to frizz, itchiness, dryness, and dandruff, so you’ll most likely be shocked by how much your hair improves when you wash it less.

You don’t have to dive in right away, you can start off slowly by washing your hair every other day and then once every 3 days. Eventually, you’ll feel confident with only washing your hair once a week.

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