Fight Winter Dry Skin

The weather out there is frightful, but in here it’s also not very delightful, because when the heater runs and the fireplace glows, you get dried out from head to toe. When thinking about the winter season you may remember your beautifully decorated Christmas tree, delicious food, too much pie, and dazzling lights, but did you forget about your dry skin?

The cool air and snow may bring about winter beauty and magic, but it also dries out your skin causing redness, itching, dandruff, eczema, and more! Don’t let dryness ruin your winter wonderland, fight back against winter dryness instead with these helpful tips from UnitWise!

Your Head

Let’s start at the top, with your hair and scalp, otherwise, you could be brushing dandruff off your shoulders, or dealing with dry, frizzy hair all season long.

When the season takes a turn with bitter cold, rainy or snowy days be prepared with moisturizing shampoos on hand, like anti-dandruff or all-natural tea tree oil shampoos to give your scalp a boost of moisture before the dry season hits. You should also invest in a deep penetrating conditioner.

Also, prior to showering, you can moisturize your scalp with all-natural cream or oil mask. Peppermint oil, coconut oil, and olive oil are all popular to use before taking a shower.

Speaking of showers, take less of them. Invest in dry shampoo to clean and refresh your hair. 

To protect your hair from dryness avoid drying it as much as you can. Maybe wait a while before drying it to spend less time with the hairdryer, or throw your hair in a bun and wait for it to dry on its own.

One last thing, before going outdoors put on your cute winter cap to protect your hair and scalp from harsh winter temperatures and conditions.

Your Face

To keep your skin nice and moist it’s all about hydration, so step up your moisturizer game. Put it on morning and night. Also, put your summer moisturizer away to hibernate, and bust out a winter moisturizer. By that, we mean a moisturizer that’s oil-based, as it will help protect your skin from winter temperatures, the wind, and dryness. Usually ‘creams’ are oil-based.

While washing your face or using a skin mask avoid ones with alcohol listed in the ingredients as it will really dry your skin out. Plus, be wary of clay masks that could suck the moisture right out of your pores.

Before going outside prep your skin with sunscreen. Winter actually has the harshest UV rays, and even though we’re cold and can’t feel them, they can do a number on our skin. The sun rays also reflect off of the snow and hit your face a second time, deepening its skin burning and drying effect.

Don’t forget about your lips. Nobody wants, dry, cracking, and burning lips because they could really kill the mistletoe vibe. Exfoliate any dead skin away with a dry toothbrush then hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Use lip creams, lipsticks, and chapsticks in the morning and take them with you to reapply all day. Try to find a brand that has an SPF of at least 15 to protect your lips from the sun.

Your Arms and Elbows

It's winter! 'Tis the season to be dry and itchy as eczema flares up all over your arms. Prevent your arms from drying out by taking shorter, lukewarm showers. I know during the winter all you want is a piping hot shower or bath, but they can really dry you out.

When you’re in the shower make sure you’re using a soft, gentle soap without chemicals like lye in it and only wash your necessary body parts like your armpits. Avoid soaping your extremities as it can cause your skin and elbows to become dehydrated.

Soak your skin in a lukewarm bath that has oatmeal in it. You can buy a premade bath bomb or grind your own oats to create a moisturizing solution to soak in. This will provide moisture for your arms, legs, hands, and feet!

After your shower or bathe when your skin and elbows are still moist apply lotion immediately. However, you may need to use an exfoliating elbow scrub before putting on lotion.

Keep in mind that it’s time to double up on the moisturizer regiment. Put on a deep moisturizing cream, lotion, oils like coconut, or vaseline twice a day. Avoid any scented fragrances or shimmering lotions that may irritate your skin.

Avoid heavy fabrics that weigh you down like wool, and wear a lightweight breathable fabric like cotton instead so your skin can breathe.

Bust out your humidifier. As you run the heat in your home you’ll be drying out the air, so use your humidifier to counteract some of the dryness. As a result, your skin will have more moisture and your sinus cavities may thank you.

Your Hands

Dry cracked hands can feel like a plague as they itch and burn with no relief, so be sure to keep your hands nice and soft with the following tips.

Wash your hands only when you absolutely need to, and when you do, use a soft gentle soap or a moisturizing soap. Then right after washing your hands put some lotion or vaseline on them, every time.

Put some lotion in your purse and carry it everywhere to protect yourself when winter dryness hits.

The winter elements can strike both inside your home and out, so be ready and protect your hands. When cleaning your home or doing the dishes wear a pair of rubber gloves to prevent chemicals and soaps from drying out your skin. When outdoors wear a pair of gloves to keep your hands dry and warm, out of the cold wind and snow. However, if your hands start to sweat to take your gloves immediately.

You can also exfoliate your hands with a sugar scrub to get rid of dry, hard skin, then moisturize after to really give your lotion time to sink in.

Before bed, you can seal in your lotion by slathering some on your hands then putting on soft cotton gloves or socks so the lotion won’t rub off. Instead, it will penetrate deeply to fight winter dryness.

Your Feet

For some reason when flipflops are put away and the boots come out we forget about our feet, but even though we can’t see them, they can still dry out.

Maintain foot moisture like the rest of the body, with a gentle soap, and by moisturizing after getting out of a lukewarm shower.

Also, remember to exfoliate your feet by using a soft brush or stone. Foot tools found at local stores work wonders for dry heels.

When moisturizing you can use your normal lotion, and vaseline is great to use as well, but there are also foot creams available filled with soothing items like tea tree oil, peppermint, and more.

When trekking through the winter conditions think about what you’re wearing. Shoes or boots that don’t rub or chafe your feet. You don’t want to create a foot sauna either. Do you really need fur-lined boots and 3 pairs of socks? Because that will generate a lot of heat that will dry your feet out. Keep them warm, yet cool. Plus, be sure to get your feet out of wet shoes or socks immediately.

Winter Wonder Skin

Don’t dry out and suffer from itchy, dry skin that may even burn a little. Enjoy your winter season, with soft, moisturized skin instead! Please be sure to share your moisturizing tips in the comment section below.

Learn more about skincare at UnitWise. 


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