Boost Your Beauty Business With Email Marketing


Getting more sales is always one of your goals as a member of the beauty consulting industry right? We know you’re already a pro at hosting makeup parties and hooking new leads to push your products, but have you considered taking things to a digital level? By using UnitWise to create marketing emails you could boost your sales online by only taking a minute or two to make the perfect message for your target audience. It’s a quick and simple way to hook more customers.


UnitWise is the best personal assistant you could ever ask for. It’s the number one business management solution that’s specifically designed for NSDs, directors, and independent beauty consultants. Plus, it comes with tons of innovative, time-saving features for inventory management, accounting, unit reports, email marketing, and more.

Email Marketing With UnitWise

Email marketing is the most cost-effective method of advertising because everyone checks their email at least once a day, and the space inside of their inbox is free, so why not take up some of that space with an email advertising a discount or sale?

By sending out marketing emails you will be expanding your brand and online presence for free. It’s a way to get repeat customers to purchase more products and to hook new clients. You can design a targeted email to reach a specific audience in a matter of minutes.

The idea of creating a marketing email shouldn’t be intimidating because UnitWise has already taken care of the complicated parts for you. With UnitWise you’ll have access to a premade email template where you can simply drag and drop images and charts.

Your marketing emails are 100% customizable. It’s extremely easy to edit the fonts to be any size or color that you want, change the color of the background, and you can add an unlimited amount of images or videos to your emails. Once you’ve finished creating an email you can save it as a template to use again later.

Each email also has an individualized appearance. All of the email addresses that your email goes to will be hidden, so it will look like your email was sent individually to each one of your clients. Also, the greeting will automatically include your customer’s name.

You can create customized email groups to send your marketing emails to. This way you can target certain groups for products. For example, if you have customers who enjoy the hand repair kit you can create a group for them and then send them special discounts on scrubs and hand creams.

Plus, with UnitWise you can plan your emails in advance and schedule them to send out on a certain day and time. This way you don’t have to rush to create emails the day of your sale. You can spend one afternoon planning out your special deals and discounts for the entire week, month, or more!

No one will receive your emails if they don’t want them because UnitWise has made it extremely easy for people to unsubscribe from your messages. Once they unsubscribe they’ll longer receive your marketing emails.

Email marketing takes a little practice to learn what your audience enjoys and responds best to. That’s why you can view email marketing reports at any time to see the open rate, conversion rate, how many people went to your site from the email, unsubscribes, and more. Learn from your totals to see which sale your clients like the most and when the best time to send an email out is.

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