Spring Cleaning For Your Makeup Collection

Sometimes your bathroom can be a battleground. When you’re running late you have to rush to put on your perfect face before running out the door. Amidst the storm, some products get left out on the counter, and soon your bathroom is a mess. Now that spring is here it’s time to make your makeup space fresh and clean again, so check out these spring cleaning tips for your makeup stash.

Spring Cleaning Your Makeup Cabinet

The first step is getting through your phase of denial. It’s time to get rid of products that you got on a whim but in reality, will never wear. That orange shimmering blush and teal lipstick need to go. You need to make more space for the items you use on a regular basis.

Then assess your eye products. Eyeliners and mascaras are notorious breeding grounds for bacteria and can cause styes and infections. Generally, mascaras need to be replaced every 3 months and eyeliners last about six months. Also, clean your eyelash curler with a gentle soap to knock out bacteria.

You should actually take a look at all of your products to see what has expired. If you can’t find the expiration dates on your lipsticks, foundations, and more then put them through the physical test. See how they smell, if they smell funky, or waxy, then their time is done. Then look at their texture, anything that’s dry, crumbly, or clumpy needs to go.

Check all of your products to make sure their bottles or containers don’t have any cracks. If your item leaks and will make your space messy then it has to go, no matter how much you love it.

Think about everything that happens to your bathroom counter. Makeup spills, water splashes around, your toothbrush sometimes rests on it, and more, making conditions ideal for bacteria to flourish. Then when you rest your makeup brushes on your counter the bacteria can spread to them and then to your face!

That’s why you need to wash your makeup brushes! Use a gentle cleanser like dawn or baby shampoo to knock out the bacteria, thoroughly rinse them, and let them dry.

Next, wash your bathroom or vanity. Remove all the makeup from the containers, drawers, or cabinets and wipe down the space with a spray cleaner and scrub any and all bacteria away. Put your products back when your makeup storage area is dry.

If you keep everything in a bag then clean it out as well. Wipe down the inside of it with wet wipes or send it through the wash.

Replace your makeup for the new season. In the winter you need thicker items with more moisturizer to fight dryness, but in the spring you’ll need lighter items to prevent your face from looking oily.

Also, you may not have noticed, but you probably have a bit of a tan going on. As the summer approaches your skin will get darker, so be sure to get darker shades of foundation to match. You never want to have a shade lighter than your actual skin tone.

Implement a storage system. There are tons of organizers that go on sale in the spring, where you can place all of your products in, by category from lip products to primers. You can also get a rotating caddy or portable caddy to keep your items in. For long, slender items, that like to roll like eyeliner, get a decorative jar or container to place them in.

Last but not least, the fun part. Go shopping to replace the items you tossed out. Get new spring shades of lighter colors, all-natural shades of eyeliners, and lipsticks. See what new products are trending, and even treat yourself to a new makeup bag!


Happy Spring Cleaning

This time of the year means that winter is gone and we can celebrate by cleaning everything up for a fresh and clean feel. This even applies to our makeup cabinets. Out with the old and in with the new for a fabulous spring feeling and look!

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