Spring Wedding Makeup Trends

It’s one of the most exciting times of the year because along with spring comes wedding season. Even if you’re single or you’ve been married a while, admit it, wedding trends are still fun to check out! Maybe you’re even in an upcoming wedding soon! Embrace your inner girl and check out the hottest spring makeup styles for 2017 weddings. Maybe you can even use a few of these trends to push your makeup sales.

Spring 2017 Wedding Makeup Trends

Part of being a beautiful bride is having an enchanting glow about you, after all, it is your day. To achieve this, brides are going back to basics with all-natural looks. Simple makeup will make you feel more comfortable, especially if you aren’t used to wearing a lot.

Plus, you never want to go bold or try something new before a big event, because if you do the look wrong or it doesn’t turn out looking right then it’s too late. You’ll be looking off in all of your photos.

Wedding days aren’t the time for tons of glitter unless you have a 70’s theme. However, a little shimmer in your highlights can give you an excellent glow. Use a highlighter on your cheeks where the sun naturally hits your face for breathtaking glow.

Also, to enhance your glow highlight or add a little shimmer to the inner corner of your eyes, doing so will give you a bright and awake look. Unfortunately, wedding days are exhausting, so this is a great way to cover how tired you feel. To modernize this look use shades of gold or metallic silver.

Speaking of eyes, it’s trendy to put all of the attention on them. Full, bold brows are the way to go, along with subtle smokey eyes. Also, don’t forget about eyeliner. The cat-eye and winged tips are in. To avoid making the eyes overpowered brides are flocking to eye shadow shades of golds, browns, peach, and pinks.

The trendy rebels are changing up traditional looks with shades of gold and metallic eyeliners. To be extra bold try walking down the aisle with white eyelashes. However, a nice set of black, thick false lashes will draw all the attention to your eyes that you need.

Blush these days is all about light warm shades for spring. Dusting a little pink over your cheeks will give you a warm, youthful glow with an elegant look. You don’t have to stick to just pink, try experimenting with shades of peach too.

Notice how we keep mentioning warm shades like pink? That’s because it matches the clean, warm feel that comes with spring. Also, that color trend continues with the lips. Brides are using soft and warm shades of pink. Depending on what you like, you can rock a matte or glossy shade.

Some ladies are letting their natural lip color shine with a shade of clear gloss. Other ladies are being bold by pulling off bright shades of red lip stains. Bold shades of red really work to add a vintage, elegant style to your look.

As far as foundation goes, make sure your skin looks fresh and dewy, like spring. You’ll need to be moisturized, but don’t overdo it. Also, remember to highlight your cheeks and around your eyes!

We love the 2017 spring hair wedding trends! It’s all about braids, all types of braids! From straight long braids to weaving braids, and side braids. You can’t go wrong with a braid right now.

If you love the messy bun, good news, buns are in. Messy buns that frame the face, low buns, on top of the head buns, any bun you can think of!

For those who want to wear their hair down, wear it wild. Let your waves flow and don’t be afraid of a messy, knotted, bohemian look.


Rock 2017 Wedding Trends!

Spring is here and so is wedding season, so be sure to stay up to date with the new 2017 spring wedding trends! For more beauty tips visit UnitWise.com and share your 2017 spring wedding tips in the comment section below.

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