Strengthen Communication With Your Unit


Welcome to UnitWise! We are an all-inclusive communication and business management program specifically designed for the beauty consultant community. We are here to help you build a better and stronger relationship with your unit with superior communication tools. 

To be a successful Director, National Sales Director, or independent beauty consultant, one of the major keys to success will always be communication. As a leader, your unit needs to see you as approachable, motivational, and available. This is sometimes hard to achieve in modern times while constantly being pulled in different directions and juggling a never-ending flow of responsibilities.

Well, let us help! With our program, you will be able to consolidate several of your daily business tasks into our use program and make communication with your unit simple. Here are a few communication features available with UnitWise!

UnitWise Communication Features:

Free Conference Calling:

  • Your account includes a designated conference calling number with an access code which can be shared via flyers or email signatures. Simply schedule in advance by selecting a date/time, customize your attendance list, and set reminders for the call. 

Voice Cast:

  • If a unit member misses a conference call, no worries! Your call is automatically recorded and can be shared on your webpage or blog. Voice cast includes easy to use tools to stop or start your call recording at any time. 

Complimentary add-on to your UnitWise account for all UnitWise members!

Instant Messaging:

  • Send group messages to your entire unit or private messages to individual members. They will receive push notifications from the app every time you send out an update. You can also customize your message with videos, images, or documents.


  • Exchange instant messages with your unit members on the run. As an added plus, messages are kept in the application itself, not with your texts keeping personal and business related messages apart. This is helpful for those of us who have sent a text to the wrong person.

Event Calendar:

  • Use the event calendar to assign tasks for your unit members to complete during events and parties. You can also use this to send them occasional reminders about upcoming meetings, conference calls, and the event itself.

Unit Goals:

  • Instantly share customizable goals and accomplishments with your Unit members on an individual or group basis. You’ll also be able to track their progress and know when to offer advice and encouragement. 

Unit Career Path:

  • Have a new addition to your unit? Well with UnitWise you are able to create a specialized path to success by customizing a Unit Career Path for them. You will be able to monitor their success and step in to offer motivation and encouragement at any time.

Document Library:

  • Your knowledge and experience can be an asset to your unit! Use the resource library to upload important documents and training materials for your unit members to reference on their own to answer questions and learn from.

Image Library:

  • Share memorable moments of your unit from events and seminar by posting and storing pictures from parties, events, and award functions. 

Social Media:

  • We at UnitWise understand a major aspect of your business revolves around being active on social media. But switching back and forth between multiple accounts can be inconvenient and time-consuming. In MyUnitBuzz all of your social media accounts are all kept in one convenient location. 

Start Communicating Better Today!

Building better and stronger relationships with your unit starts here! Sign-up for your free 15 day trial with UnitWise today and see how we can make your communication more efficient and effective. Plus, you will benefit from all the other amazing features we offer such as expense tracking, inventory reporting, your own personal website, and much much more.

*Content found in the UnitWise blog is for informational purposes only. UnitWise is an independent business with no affiliation to Mary Kay®.


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