Weird New Beauty Trends you Really Want to Try

Summer is in full swing and what a season it has been. In just a few short months, the world of beauty has been introduced to an utterly massive amount of new trends that mesmerize, enchant, and sometimes straight-up horrify us.
While some of these trends are sure to stick around for awhile we can only hope and pray most of these will fall off the face of the earth before we can refresh our Instagram feeds. Last year's summer beauty trends focused more on the dewy, natural no-makeup look. However, 2017 has produced lollipop lips (intentionally smudged), fake freckles, holographic and glitter obsessions. And not to mention the unicorn phenomenon that has somehow infiltrated all forms of our lives from bagels, frappuccinos, hair, nails and anything else imaginable.

While I can’t claim to be a fan of all of these trends, there’s no denying that there is something truly fascinating keeping us hooked. Whether you just want to try them in the safety of your own home or want to venture out, we all have wanted to try a few of these new trends. So without further ado, I will be presenting the unique and noteworthy beauty trends of summer 2017.

Glitter Everywhere:

Ah, glitter spreads everywhere and is impossible to get rid of. Try washing it off your hands……...see not going to happen.

At this point let's just assume if it’s a body part, chances are people have put glitter on it. Glitter and bedazzled lips, eyebrows, hair roots, beards, nails and the list goes on.

This sparkly trend brings back the disco-days of the 70’s and the 90’s flare. This look is great for a night out on the town, or a get together with friends. Just remember to keep it out of your eyes, and if you're using it in your hair, you will be finding glitter for months.

Lollipop Lips: AKA The Intentionally Smudged Look

This fun little look first was introduced during London’s Fashion week by M.A.C.
Essentially, to recreate this look color outside the lines of your lips to get the intentionally smudged lip color around your mouth…… No, really I am serious.

Fake Freckles:

Most women that grew up with freckles will probably roll their eyes at the idea of fake freckles, but out of all the new beauty trends, I like this one the most. Freckles seem to give off a fresh, natural, and youthful look. While most of these other trends seem to go over the top, freckles bring light and fun back to summer.

There are several options to choose from to obtain your freckles such as simply drawing them on with a brown liquid eyeliner or waterproof brow gel. Or if you want something that lasts a bit longer go for temporary freckle tattoos.

Unicorn Invasion:

Frappuccinos, bagels, hair, eyeshadow, lipstick, makeup brushes, nails and the list continues to grow daily. Transitioning from our fascination with galaxies of previous years, we now turn to magical creatures for inspiration. This beauty trend incorporates pastel colors, iridescence, glitter and shimmer to create a truly magical appearance. Because Unicorns don’t actually exist in the real world (Though we desperately wish they did), this trend is a fantastic example of thinking outside the box to create a very personal and beautiful style.

But no matter how much beauty trends might change we here at UnitWise will always be here to help grow your business. We hope you enjoyed these new beauty trends, please share your thoughts below. We hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend. For more beauty blogs visit


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