Build Stronger Relationships and Improve Communication


As a director, NSD, or independent beauty consultant you know the value of communication. To succeed, you must be approachable, motivational, and accessible to your unit. Which can be rather challenging with your hectic schedule comprised of never-ending appointments, errands, meetings, and more.

So the question is how to get your unit together to discuss new products, goals, and upcoming events if everyone is constantly on the run? Well, the answer is simple, improve relationships and communications with MyUnitBuzz.


When you sign up for UnitWise, the complete MK business management solution, you receive free access to MyUnitBuzz. MyUnitBuzz is an all-inclusive mobile application specifically designed for directors, NSDs, and their unit members to achieve stronger communication. The app features innovative features for effectively promoting, motivating, and conversing with your unit members.

The resource library allows you to upload relevant documents and training materials for new unit members to access. This way they can quickly access the information on their own and find all the information they need to succeed. Skip hunting down the correct document on your computer and emailing it each time a unit member asks.

This application also serves as an event headquarters; you can store all information concerning the upcoming makeup parties and more. Not only will your unit members have access to the time and location of the event, but they can send out invitations, assign tasks, and send out reminders.

As a great leader, it is important to give recognition when it is due. Use the special recognition feature to let your unit member know you appreciate all the hard work they do. This feature can also be used to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, sales, achievements, and more all from one simple location.

Also, the special recognition feature allows you to review your unit’s InTouch reports so you can accurately track your Unit’s sales so you can provide assistance and reassurance when needed. Encourage your unit to reach for new goals and higher levels of success. Using the Unit Goal feature to customize goals for your unit and individual team members.

What are you waiting for!

Sign up for your free 15-day trial with UnitWise to instantly see how easy it is to efficiently manage your schedule and unit members. You will also gain access to tons of revolutionary features for invoicing, social media management, consultant management, building a personal website, and more.

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