How to Benefit with Your UnitWise Sales Reports

UnitWise is an all-in-one business management solution designed specifically for MK independent beauty consultants, NSDs, and directors. Our innovative features help save you both time and money by efficiently managing every aspect of your business from your personal sales, tracking the progress of your unit and so much more.

The sales reports feature in your UnitWise account allows you to track all your financial data that builds up with your beauty consulting business, such as sales breakdowns, top buyers, weekly accomplishment sheets, WAS gross receipts, and WAS monthly counts. 

How To Access your Reports:

Step 1: Log in to your account and under the Home tab at the top of the screen select reports.    

Step 2: From here you will see that your reports are broken down into seven categories: Customers, Accounts, Products, Sales, WAS (Weekly Accomplishment Sheet), Year-End/Tax, and Team Members. 

UnitWise Report Categories:


By default, your account is set to run 28 different reports such as your top ten buys based on the volume of sales and sales receipts within a particular date range. Alternatively, calculate the total of the most recent customer orders. Any information relating to your clients can be found here


In this category, you will find all information linked to your finances. If you want to calculate your profit vs. loss, you can generate a financial statement for a specified date range. Alternatively, access a detailed list of the transactions that comprise the profit and loss statement. You can also view your shipping expenses, monthly account details, the month at a glance and so much more.


Want to learn which products are most popular or find your inventory count? Run your Top Selling Products report to find the top ten products based on the quantity sold in invoices and sales receipts. Also, to find your inventory count select Quantity on Hand to generate a list of all products you currently have in stock. Any questions you might have about your stock or products can be found here.


All sales transaction information, such as invoices, sales receipts, top-performing customers, and sales figures based on sales type. Run reports based on a specific month or time frame to find a list of clients. 

Weekly Accomplishment Sheets

Run reports to find gross receipts, sales counts, and monthly sales count. This tool will help you and your unit reach success goals. 


This information will make the end of the year tax filing more efficient and keep you from shuffling through paper receipts. With these reports, you can generate all your needed tax information for IRS filing.

Team Members

Keeping track of your unit's progress is vital to success. You can run reports to check in on new unit members to give extra guidance or if you see a team member going above and beyond you can give recognition. Also under this category, you can find all personal information such as birthdays, contact information, potential recruits, and customers.

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