MK Products and Makeup Secrets to Look Younger

You have nothing to hide and everything to accentuate, if you are looking for a few tips to help you and your MK clients look their best and slay at every stage of life here is the blog for you.

Skincare should always be priority number one in their beauty routine. Consider offering them MK’s TimeWise® Miracle Set® which physically reduces the appearance of aging and helps even out skin tone. However, all the brightening peels, face, and lifting creams in the world will not solve the eternal quest for a youthful look if the makeup application sabotages the effort.

Once you have recommended a daily skincare treatment to your client, you can now turn to the details of their makeup application. How your clients are applying their makeup can make a huge difference in their quest to look younger. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks for looking younger:

Prime for Perfection:

Prepping your skin is non-negotiable for every makeup wearer no matter the age. By prepping the skin you are ensuring the skin is ready to be the perfect canvas, your makeup will last longer and look better throughout the day.

Personally, I love using MK’s® Foundation Primer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15*. Everything from its silky smooth moisturizing, even application, and lightweight feel makes this a beauty must for every makeup bag.

A Little Goes a Long Way:

Concealer is the crown jewel in my beauty bag. It is a cruel fact that no matter the age you will need concealer. As a teenager, it was used to cover up acne, late-night movie binges in college, and now it’s time again to reach for a handy-dandy concealer for fine lines.

My pick for concealer is MK’s® Undereye Corrector because it helps to lighten dark circles and spots while also working as a highlighter to brighten up my undereye area. However, a little goes a long way, and if you add too much concealer, it will leave you looking cakey and oily by the end of the day. When helping your client apply their concealer recommend they blend properly to ensure that the concealer doesn't settle into lines, which can accentuate them instead of cover them up.

Also, highlighting your clients is helpful for bringing dimension to their face, plus highlighting the corners and under the eyes will make the client appear younger and more awake.

Defying Gravity:

As we age, everything seems to start pointing down, and it is our job to force things to go up. By this, of course, I mean your eyelashes. Our lashes as we age stop naturally curling up and start laying flat making it appear that we have no lashes. So tell your clients to unearth their long-forgotten eyelash curler from their makeup bag. Rule of thumb if they are over 35 they need to start curling and curling every day. Even if you or your client decide not to wear mascara, it is important to make your eyes appear as big as possible.

If your clients do choose to wear massacre then I recommend Lash Intensity® Mascara this is of course only my personal preference, but this mascara is to die for. I am not a fan of mascaras that only focus on either lengthening or thickening my lashes I want both. This product opens up my eyes and makes my lashes look full and voluptuous.


Highlighting to Look Younger:

Don’t shy away from using a highlighter in moderation. A dab of soft highlighter can be a wonderful highlight as you get older. Most women begin to lose their natural youthful glow in their mid-40s, so I recommend using a creamy neutral shadow that is no more than two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. This can also be dabbed in the corner of your eyes to wake up your eyes and face.


Confidence is Always in Style:

No matter if clients want to go out for a night on the town or freshen up their daily route you are ready for anything. With the fabulous tools brought to you by MK, you can never go wrong.

At UnitWise we hope that you found this blog informative for yourself and your customers as you guide them through all of the amazing #MK beauty and skincare products available! We suggest sharing this blog post with your customers and unit to help advise their clients.

Our goal is to provide you with expert advice in order to successfully aid your client and boost your sales. Whether you are seeking beauty tips and tricks or business management advice, we are always here to help you grow your MK business.


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