Whiteheads, Blackheads and the Pursuit of Healthy Skin

Provide your Clients with the Tools Needed to Combat Adult Acne

When I was a teenager, my skin was far from great, but I always found solace in the idea that when I was an adult, my skin would be beautiful and clear. Now as an adult still struggling with acne instead of them being on the surface they have burrowed down as if to proclaim “I am here to stay.”

Like many of your clients, my feelings can be surmised by just stating that I feel the universe is simply unjust or my skin missed the memo. I can never stray far from my concealer, and I have spent a small fortune on skincare and makeup. Unlike my teenage counterpart, I eat healthy and exercise but continue to break out!

As it turns out I am not alone in my adult acne struggle. One of the most common skin complaints is adult acne, so you can be sure many of your current and prospective clients struggle with acne problems. So in order to help your clients in their pursuit to healthier and happier skin let me share my research and then five tips and tricks for managing adult acne. First, you must know and understand their skin problems, whiteheads & blackheads.

Think of how you sometimes put off doing laundry a day or two. Well, your skin is the same way and doesn’t always get around to its chores as often as it should, your skin and its interior lining are designed to shed the dead cells.

So when the surface of your skin slacks off your pores get backed up and this can result in blocking the opening. So without an escape hatch, all the oil and leftover makeup products left inside your pores end up just hanging out until it develops into a whitehead.


Probably the most common adult acne problem is blackheads like to develop on your nose and chin. They happen by the same process as whiteheads, but instead of sealing off the opening of your pores they are caused by leftover skin and other junk oxidizing inside your pore and turning black.

5 Tips & Tricks for Managing Your Adult Acne: Treatment:

Now that you know what causes your clients adult acne let’s take a look at five highly effective treatments to banish acne to memories of high school.

Wash Your Face:

This probably goes without saying but unless your clients are going out after work they should immediately remove their makeup. Suggest a facial cleanser with charcoal or other acne fighting ingredients. Moreover, they need to wash their face thoroughly before going to bed. If they have severe acne recommend washing their face any chance they have so they can get their skin cells in gear cleaning out their pores.

Salicylic Acid:

Recommended by most dermatologists salicylic acid is a classic for purging pores of leftover gunk and dead skin. Glycolic acid is probably more widespread, but salicylic acid gets deeper into pores to remove as much as possible. Depending on the product’s potency and how their skin reacts they should aim for a facial peel every 4 to 6 weeks.

Hot Water and Lemon:

In order to help with your client's pursuit of healthy skin arm them with this nifty little trick. As soon as they wake up in the morning they should fix themselves a hot cup of water and add a few drops of lemon juice (just enough to taste.) This helps clean out any bacteria left in their small intestine- this bacteria has been linked to acne.

Spot Treatment:

If they feel a breakout coming reach for your handy dandy MK acne spot treatment, Clear Proof® Acne Treatment Gel. The best MK products to use are those containing retinol which is a derivative of vitamin A that is absorbed through the skin and converted as retinoic acid.

Vitamin C:

While we are all in love with MK’s Timewise® Vitamin C Activating Squares™ for its anti-aging qualities, did you know that it also helps reduce the size of pores as well as prevent breakouts! No wonder the beauty community cannot get enough. This is a great way to push this product and become a real competitor in the power square dare!

Use this blog post to educate yourself and your customers as you guide them through all of the great #MK skincare choices available! We’d suggest sharing this blog post with your customers along with links to the products you suggest they use to manage their adult acne. 

Our goal is to provide you with expert advice in order to successfully aid your clients and boost your sales. Whether you are seeking skin care information, makeup tips, or business management advice we are here to help you grow your MK business. For more tips and tricks please visit blog.unitwise.com.


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