Introducing New Account Features for MK Software

Exciting news! You asked for it, so we built it. Your Heroes at UnitWise are proud to announce several new features. We aim to provide you with superior business management tools to help grow your MK business so using your suggestions we have added these new features and updates to help achieve your goals.


New UnitWise Account Features are Live!

Beauty Profile:

We understand how many clients rely on you as their personal makeup guru but remembering their individual information can be challenging to say the least. The Beauty Profile will give you an in-depth description of your client's makeup and skincare preferences. Here you can also list your client's skin type, hair color, and any other valuable information. Plus, individual consultants and directors can specialize in future client consultations based on their personal information.

Client Invoices and Sales Receipts:

Within your client's profile, you can now view all of their individual activity and see things such as their invoices and sales receipts all in one place. Your clients now have the option to also view invoices and receipts separately within their account.

Product Wishlist:

Consultants and Directors can now compile a wishlist based on products their clients wanted or mentioned. This wishlist is a terrific way to market to past clients who have not purchased in a while. You can use this tool to help MK-loving friends and family buy the ideal gift.


Valuable UnitWise Account Enhancement

Website Theme:

You can now change your website themes with a few clicks. Quickly change your current theme to a previous version using your website editor - simply select Theme Versions under your Layout Settings and return to a previous theme.

Continued Support

Our founders created UnitWise as the ultimate business management solution designed specifically for NSDs, Directors, and independent beauty consultants. We continue to rely on feedback from the MK community to meet the needs of all those involved. Comment below or email us to make any further suggestions. We depend on Directors to ensure UnitWise meets all the needs of the MK community.


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