How to Capture the Corporate and Business Market

Have a holly jolly Christmas--it’s the best time of the year! The holiday season is officially here! ‘Tis the season to contact people who will help to maximize your MK holiday sales. You will quickly increase your Christmas and holiday profits by reaching out to small to medium size companies and corporations. Suggest MK products and gift baskets for both their employees and top clientele! Here is how to capture the corporate and business market this holiday season to boost your sales volume.

How to Capture the Corporate and Business Market

There are several advantages to selling to Businesses.

Larger Sales Quantities:
  • Corporate offices and businesses tend to place much larger orders.
Reach New Prospective Clients:
  • Be sure to include your business card reminding the receivers about MK’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. This will open the door for them to contact you after the holiday season.
Repeat Business:
  • By providing quality gifts and fantastic customer service, these businesses will continue to purchase from you year after year.
Additional Purchases:
  • When you deliver your products to the business be sure they are wrapped and ready to present. Staff members may wish to purchase additional items for their friends and family. Be sure to bring additional business cards, MK catalogs, and products.

Facts about Holiday Corporate and Business Sales:

Larger businesses spend between $20-25 on average on gifts for staff members and $30-40 on gifts for top clients. Additionally, most businesses in your local area are never contacted about providing holiday gifts to staff members. The IRS even allows businesses to deduct $25 per gift!

Contact these types of businesses this year:

  • Banks 
  • Churches
  • Clinics
  • Car Dealerships
  • Contractors
  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Hotels
  • Insurance Companies
  • Local Start-Ups
  • Realtors
  • Restaurants
  • Social/Civic Groups
  • Veterinarians

Ready Set Go!

Now until December 25th is the biggest holiday sales season of the year. Your Heroes at UnitWise hope you have found this blog useful and informative. Like, comment, and share this information with members of your unit!

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