How to Turn Your Open House into a Virtual Experience

Tara Geraghty Shares Her Best MK Open House Advice for the MK Community

With the holidays right around the corner, it is essential to learn new tactics and strategies for achieving your goals. To help you prepare for the holiday season, the Heroes at UnitWise interviewed Sales Director, Tara Geraghty, to learn how to turn your open house into a virtual experience.

How to Turn Your Open House into a Virtual Experience

Tara Geraghty Open House Advice for MK Consultants

Tara Geraghty decided to move her holiday open house online because her clients were spread out all over the country. Within the first eight years of her MK career, she moved seven times to over three states. When she moved back to her home state of New Jersey, she discovered that she was still an hour or two hours away from her clients because of traffic.

The distance and time made hosting a traditional open house difficult for her clients. However, she still wanted to share with all the fantastic new products MK had to offer. So she had the idea of turning her traditional open house into a virtual experience through Facebook.


How to Host an Open House Facebook Party:

If you have never done a Facebook party before, don’t worry it is super easy! Write out what you want to say for each step and product during your Facebook party.

  1. Create a Facebook event using your business profile
  2. Post product pictures, information, and links
  3. Send out Facebook invitations to your friends, family, and clients
  4. Encourage your invitees to post about your upcoming party
  5. Advertise about the event online in the days and weeks before the event
  6. Schedule an email marketing campaign using UnitWise

When inviting clients do not exceed 500 invites! Facebook will flag this action as spam. You are not inviting everyone on your friends-list. This event is for your friends, family, and interested clients. Also while sending out invitations and during the party be sure to include a disclaimer portion. If another MK Director or Consultant's client is attending your event encourage them to shop and support their MK representative.

To successfully host a virtual open house you will need to remind your clients and friends of the event. Let's face it people are invited to a ton of Facebook events. If you do not promote your open house, it will be lost in the sea of  Facebook events.

Commit yourself to spending time each day checking on your event by welcoming guests and posting. Before the event, you will need to be online and ready to go. Interact with your attendees and common back promptly.

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