How to Close Your Party With a Bang

You have executed a fabulous party presentation, and your clients are happy, engaged, and most importantly having fun. You’ve carefully and successfully planted the seeds for future parties and unit opportunities. Now you are ready to start the closing process. Closing your party is possibly the most important aspect of running a successful MK business. Here is how to close your party with a bang!

How to Close Your Party With a Bang

Keep Sales From Walking Out the Door

How many times have you heard a guest say “I will need to check with my husband first. But I will take your catalog and call you later,” but they never do? Let your guests know that the sales you are offering at the party are for a limited time. If they seem hesitant let them know they can return, cancel, or change their order within 24 hours of placing it, but the only way to secure the deal is to place the order before they leave.

Prioritize Hostess Orders

More often than not your hostess will have the largest order at the party. In the week leading up to the party encourage your hostess to look through the catalog several times so she can decide what prizes she would like to receive. She will undoubtedly want several products in addition to her prizes. Once she has chosen her free items, she will ask to buy additional products because she has had time to think about it.

Upsell Your Products

One issue I constantly see is descriptive selling at the end of a party. Descriptive selling is when you explain what the product is and fail to apply it to your audience. Share the benefits of the product and how it can help your clients. Tell them how it will make them feel and make life easier. Finally, show your clients the value of what they will be receiving.

Show Products in Groups

If you show one product, you will, of course, sell one product. You should always show your products in groups and talk about how they work together. So, know when your clients are looking at buying one item they will associate it with buying three. Before the party group products together and have a discounted price ready for the whole package. 

The Finale

Once you have totaled your client's order, thank her and ask whether she had fun. Offer several take-home samples and an information package about hosting and joining your unit. 

Starting Out Strong

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