How To Use Samples to Expand Your Customer Base

How To Use Samples to Expand Your Customer BaseBeing able to entice your future clients to sign-up for your email list or to become a customer with a free gift is a remarkable strategy many businesses have been using to expand and quickly grow. When Mary Kay Ash started her beauty line in 1963, she would supply her agents with enough products to start their venture, and it would be up to them to find clients and succeed. Now Mary Kay is a billion dollar operation employing over 2 million consultants in several countries.

Just as Mary Kay Ash knew, the key to success is gaining a steady stream of clients. Successfully using #MK samples in your business relies on a good strategy. You need to consider why samples work, how to present free samples, and how to effectively use samples to grow your business when you pair this with email marketing. 

Why MK Samples Work:

There is no better way to connect with new customers than putting Mary Kay product samples in their hands. Samples allow your customers an opportunity to try the products at home and see the result for themselves with no pressure to purchase the full-size product.

How to Present a Free Sample:

Cute bags, wrapping, and boxes are overrated, and often results in your prospective clients never getting to the goodies. You should present them unwrapped and ready to use. For example, how many gift bags or plastic baggie have you never taken the time to unwrap? If you're like me likely it sat in your purse for a few weeks then you threw it away. Just give them your product without any extra fluff. Mary Kay has amazing products, and they speak for themselves. But overall, you need to give out samples as a gift with no string attached and make sure your prospective customers understand that.

How to Effectively Use Samples to Grow Your Business

How To Use Samples to Expand Your Customer BaseYour overall strategy is to use a free gift to entice a new user! Give a gift without strings attached whenever possible. In business, you’d like to be able to follow-up with the person, so try to get their information so you can send an email in 24 hours asking how they liked their sample. If this is not possible, attach a business card directly to the sample using a glue-dot so they know how to contact you to order!

Bonus Marketing Ideas:

Use these opportunities to “sample bomb” and collect new leads!

Research Festivals and Events
in your area. Once you sign-up for a table or booth and set up your display, you’ll be ready to start gathering leads! Be sure to dress appropriately, make eye contact, stand in front of your table, and see who is genuinely interested when approaching your table. A common idea is to run a giveaway for a premium product and collect emails, and then give samples to those who are interested. Don’t forget to take pictures of your table and you handing out free samples to post on your social media and tag the event to spread the love.

Turn running errands into an everyday opportunity to spread your love your Mary Kay by giving out samples. Show your appreciation to your restaurant server or congratulate your cashier at the supermarket for a job well done. This will make their day, so do it at every opportunity! Don’t forget to ask for their contact information.

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