The Complete Guide to Where to Apply Eye Makeup

The Complete Guide to Where to Apply Eye Makeup
Eyeshadow, eyeliner, blending brushes --- oh my! Learning to apply eye makeup is no easy task, even for seasoned beauty pros. If you (or a customer) are having a tough time decoding all those tricky makeup tutorials, I have an easy guide to each part of your eye so you know where all those products go. 

Decoding Complicated Tutorials

Brow Bone
If you want to open up your eyes and accentuate your brows, you can add a matte pale eyeshadow directly under your brow.

Eyelid (Lid)
Typically your main or base shadow goes on your eyelid. Or if you have a creative spirit you might want to also use this space to explore unique eyeliner designs.

This is exactly what it sounds like. It is the crease between your brow bone and eyelid. You will want to apply a darker shade of eyeshadow here along your eye socket to add dimension to your eyes.

Outer V
The outermost corner of your eye where you would typically wear eyeliner or darker eyeshadows. Typically, the liner and/or shadow is applied in a “V” shape with your top and bottom lid.

Upper Lashline
The edges of your upper eyelid where your eyelashes begin. You can define your eye by applying eyeliner or mascara here.

The inner rim of your bottom eyelid. You can apply pencil or gel eyeliner to add a smoky look or light liner to make your eyes appear bigger.

Lower Lashline
Just below your waterline where your bottom lashes begin. You can use a liner and eyeshadow to define your eyes.

The Complete Guide to Where to Apply Eye MakeupContinuing Your Makeup Education

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