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Jul 10, 2018

3 Simple Makeup Looks You Need to See

3 Simple Makeup Looks You Need to SeeAs a woman when you hit a certain magical age, you are magically expected to know how to apply pro-style makeup. We are not sure if the entire world underwent a secret Makeup 101 class in high school, but apparently a few of us were not invited. Somewhere along the way your best friend, barista, and especially that co-worker that looks like she stepped out of a runway magazine year round, managed to perfect a flawless cat-eye or learned to defy the laws of nature by removing her pores. So for the rest of us that seemed to miss the memo, here are three simple makeup looks you need to see. 

3 Simple Makeup Looks You Need to See

Honestly, it is not like we need to wear makeup. If you keep up with an active skin care regiment and you feel comfortable with your routine then more power to you and keep rocking it. However, if you are starting your journey down the makeup rabbit hole or just need a refresher then welcome to your beginner's guide.

How to Fill in Your Eyebrows

Step 1:
Use an eyebrow pencil one shade lighter than your natural color and draw a thin line across the bottom of your brow starting at the inner corner.

Step 2:
Lightly fill in the rest of your eyebrows by softly shading back and forth with the side of the pencil. Don’t use the tip of the pencil or draw too close to the top edge of your eyebrow.

Step 3:
Now here comes the secret that so many don’t know about: blend, blend, blend. That little brush on the other end of your pencil does have a purpose! It is called a spoolie, and it is used to even out your eyebrows and smooth out the color. Brush your eyebrows from the inner corner of your brows working out then up and over.

How to Apply Eyeshadow

Step 1:
If you want your eyeshadow to last all day while looking insanely smooth, you will first need to create an even base. Apply a tiny amount of eyeshadow primer over your entire eyelid then sweep a nude eyeshadow over the whole lid. Blend it from your lash line all the way up to your brow bone with an eyeshadow brush.

Step 2:
Next, you will need to define the crease of your eyelid. While this might sound like a big step, it is super easy. Without some dimension, your eyelids will appear flat and dull. Swirl your eyeshadow brush in a soft and warm brown shade that is only a few shades darker than your natural color. Blend it into a downward facing “u” shape in the crease of your eyelid. You will want to blend it a little above and below your natural crease for a well-blended look.

Step 3:
Using a darker shade of brown and your blending brush, smudge it lightly on the outer corners of your lid. Add a gentle sweep along the first third of your lash line. If you find that you added too much, don’t panic just wipe out your handy dandy blending brush and blend it away.

Step 4:
Using your finger or your blending brush to blend out the eyeshadow so that there are no harsh lines or extreme contrasts.

How to Apply Flawless Liquid Eyeliner

3 Simple Makeup Looks You Need to SeeStep 1:
The goal of any eyeliner is to accentuate your natural eyes which means the first step will be to draw a baseline that follows the natural angle of your lower lash line. Extend this line toward the tail of your eyebrow. If you feel at all nervous about this step, you can use your liner cap as a guide. Position it at the end of your eyebrow and lightly dot the spot where you want your wing to end. Then draw the line starting at the outer corner of your eye to the dot.

Step 2:
Starting at the inner corner of your eye gently run your liquid eyeliner along your lash line in short even strokes. Depending on the shape of your eyes you will want to keep your eyeliner thin. Too thick of a line will make your eyes appear smaller, counteracting the goal.

Step 3:
Now you will want to connect the two lines and even out the seam of where they meet. Finish off your eyeliner by drawing a final swoop wing from the center of your lid up to the end of the wing. If you made a mistake use a Q-tip and makeup remover to give your eyeliner that polished look

You Are Off to a Great Start!

Now that you know the basics, you are fully prepared to enter the world of makeup. Share this blog with your friends and family! You never know who else missed the memo on the beauty school training.

If you are an MK Consultant trying to polish up your makeup skills, this is a great place to start. Be sure to check out our other blogs to continue your education. For more beauty tips and tricks click here; we are always ready to help you grow your MK business.

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