7 Awesome Motivational Videos To Spark Up Your Day

Due to the overwhelming support of our daily devotional post, your friends at Unitwise decided to share our favorite daily motivational videos. So back by popular demand here is your motivation for the day!

MK Directors and National Sales Directors are a great source of motivation and inspiration for those starting their MK journey. You can benefit and learn from their strength and self-discipline. Check out our top picks for motivational videos that will surely put a spark in your day.

“Anything worth having is worth working for” 
                             - Mary Kay Ash.

SNSD Lisa Madson & Her MK Journey

Currently, one of the top National Sales Directors Lisa Madson started her journey as a store clerk juggling home, family, a hectic retail store schedule while raising two small children. Lisa shares her journey in this video with high energy and enthusiasm. Whether you’re a new addition to the MK family or a seasoned Director, this story will inspire you!

Jill Beckstead MK Vision and Organizing Tips

Jill joined MK from the medical field because she simply needed a car. But because of her medical discipline, she was able to propel her side business into a flourishing career. As an Executive Senior Sales Director she encourages the following simple, yet effective methods: “have habits and systems for managing emotions, mindset, and money.” Need a little nudge for your career?

Kathy Helou - Leadership 2019 Speech

If you missed the 2019 conference, you must see this deeply moving speech by Kathy Helou about preserving the heritage of Mary Kay.

Three C’s by Gloria Mayfield Banks

Independent Elite Executive National Sales Director, Gloria Mayfield Banks uses three words to describe her story of resilience: Courage, Confidence, and Choices.

Pamela Shaw “Get it in the Whisper.”

Pamela shares the beginning of her MK journey, her choice to give up her teaching job and start her MK carrier. She talks about adopting a commitment to fall in love in your journey and to pursue progress in your career by tuning in to a guiding message in your head, to slow down and listen: “Get it in the whisper.”

“Growth can cause you to re-evaluate what you are and what you are not good at. Your success is built on your daily routine and habits are your biggest weapon.” - Pamela Shaw.

Pamela Shaw “GRIT”

Pamela always emits boundless energy in her speeches! This video is a final video of a four-part presentation Pamela gave at a seminar a few years ago. She talks about perseverance and grit, about the importance of respecting Today and about respecting the time and circumstances you have, and about demanding more from yourself, so you don’t risk any regrets tomorrow.

Mary Kay Ash “You Are Winners”

Mary Kay Ash speech during the 1991 Seminar focuses on the value of perseverance.

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