The Six Types of Consultants and How to Motivate Them

As you are growing your unit, you will encounter a lot of different personalities. Learning how to motivate your consultants is an area in which you’ll never stop growing. Consider the six types of consultant and how to motivate them. By understanding their motivation for joining your unit, as well as their short and long-term goals, you are more likely to build a stronger bond with your new unit members and help them achieve their goals.

The Six Types of Consultants and How to Motivate Them

1. The Career Consultant

This new consultant has big dreams and wants to make a full-time future with MK. She is a hard worker and will work aggressively to build up her personal brand. Her motivation for joining is to have financial freedom without working 40 hours a week for someone else.

Keep this type of consultant in the “know” with leadership opportunities and allow her to grow her skills with sponsoring. She thrives on challenges and incentives, so it is a good idea to be constantly setting short and long-term goals to push her along, especially when starting out.


2. Short Term Consultant

A short-term consultant has a specific goal in mind. She could be saving money for a vacation or a particular event or purchase. She will work hard consistently until she reaches her goal.

To keep her motivated and interested in the MK opportunity regularly inform her of ways she can maximize her sales and earnings with specific promotions. If you help her to achieve her goals in a flash, she is more likely to stay in your unit longer. Let her know there is always another promotion coming down the pipe. 

3. The Part-Time Consultant

This type of consultant is most likely someone who already has a full-time position and is looking for additional work on the side. Or they could be a college student unable to take on a typical part-time job with their class load.

This type of Independent Beauty Consultant will dedicate a certain number of hours to their business. They will maintain a constant part-time income, but will only cross that line when convenient. My suggestion is to get to know this type of consultant even though they will be hard pressed to attend all of your unit meetings. Try working a challenge or incentive into their timeframe. If you understand their schedule or their personal life, this will work to motivate them easily.

4. The Discount Advantage Consultant

This type of consultant love the brand, and she wants it all. She likely joined your unit for the discount on products and will maintain her active status just to purchase the latest products. I can admit that I have worked for several companies only for the employee discount.

To motivate this type of consultant, you will need to push the discount advantage and encourage her to share the love with her friends and family. She is already an advocate for the brand just because of her devotion to MK. Keep her well informed when new products are released, and hype up flash sales so she can maximize her discount.

5. The Socialite Consultant

A social lite consultant joined your unit to meet new people, make lasting friendships, and feel a part of a larger community. She loves social activities and thrives with recognition but is less motivated when it comes to her financial outcomes.

Team meetings, training sessions, and social events are great ways to motivate socialite consultants. Also be sure to highlight and recognize her achievements.


6. The Socially Aware Consultant

As you all know by now is that Mary Kay Ash founded her company based on “God first, family second, career third.” This model is what makes MK so different from other organizations that put profit and success above all else. So this type of consultant joined your unit because she believes in the brand and what it stands for.

This type of consultant is a fantastic brand ambassador and will consistently stand behind the mission and values of MK. While she hosts parties, she will gladly share the mission to others.

One way to quickly encourage her is to invite her to fundraisers and other socially conscious activities.

7. Combination Consultants

It should not be surprising that most consultants are a combination of these different types. But when you understand the types of consultant and how to encourage them it is much easier to create targeted activities and training opportunities. Communicate specific goals to your consultants and watch your unit blossom and grow.

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