How-to Tuesday: Receive Partial Payments with UnitWise

receive partial payments

Partial Payments with UnitWise:

Did you know that you are able to record partial payments within your UnitWise account? There are a couple of scenarios where you may need to enter a partial payment! For example:

  • Your customer has a credit or gift card that they would like to be applied to their order and they will pay the remaining balance at a later date.

  • You offer a customized payment plan to your customers.

Here’s how:

Please note that partial payments can only be recorded on invoices. A sales receipt should be used if the customer chooses to pay the full amount at the time of purchase. Click here to learn the difference between invoices and sales receipts and how to create invoices and sales receipts within your UnitWise account.

To receive the first payment, create or locate the invoice in the customer’s profile.

unpaid invoices

Click on the invoice number then click “Receive Payment.” This will direct you to the entire invoice. On the invoice, “Receive Full Payment” is pre-selected. To receive a partial payment you must uncheck “Receive Full Payment.”

receive full payment

Enter the partial payment amount in the “Total Payment Received” entry box.

enter partial payment and add memo

If your customer is paying with an existing credit or a gift card, UnitWise allows you to add a memo to identify this on the invoice.

UnitWise will automatically adjust the “Payment Amt.” and “Balance Amt.” on the invoice. Additionally, once partial payment has been received, the customer’s net customer balance will be automatically adjusted within their customer profile.


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