Invoices & Receipts & Purchase Orders, Oh My! Recording Product Orders with UnitWise

invoices, sales receipts, and purchase orders

Keeping detailed records of your customer orders and purchase orders is vital to staying organized and maintaining healthy relationships with your customers. Understanding when to use an invoice and when to use a sales receipt can be confusing, but knowing the difference between invoices, sales receipts, and purchase orders is an integral part of running a successful business.

The Customer Center in your UnitWise account allows you to generate invoices and sales receipts. We’ve created this guide to help you understand the difference between invoices, sales receipts, and purchase orders.

What is an Invoice?

An invoice itemizes and records transactions between a buyer and a seller. An invoice is issued once the order has been completed, but before full payment from the customer has been received.

The purpose of an invoice is to notify the buyer that payment is due to the seller. It will identify the goods and services a customer needs to pay, the terms of payment, and when the payment is due.

Creating Invoices in UnitWise:

The invoice feature in UnitWise should be used when a customer has placed the order but has not paid the full amount yet. You can create an invoice under the “Customers” tab in your UnitWise account.

customer invoices

Click “Create Invoice” to start an invoice.

create an invoice

When creating an invoice, you are able to select the customer, sale type, and invoice date. One of the benefits of using software specifically designed for Mary Kay professionals is that you have access to a program that understands your inventory. UnitWise enables you to search by part number or product name when entering the product details of your sale.

If necessary, add a note for the customer, which will be visible on the invoice. You can also include a memo. This will not be shown on the invoice.

You have a few options when saving your invoice. Selecting “Save & Print,” allows you to export the invoice as a PDF or print it for your physical records. “Save & Email” will email a copy of the invoice to your customer.

email an invoice

You can edit the body text and subject, as well as send a copy of the invoice to yourself.

“Save & Add New” is a convenient way to record multiple invoices at one time. This action will save your previous invoice and direct you to a new, blank invoice.

invoice quick actions

Once an invoice is saved, you'll have access to quick actions at the upper right-hand corner of your screen. From here, email your invoice, receive payments, edit, void, delete, print, or create a copy of each saved invoice. 

What is a Sales Receipt?

A sales receipt acts as proof of payment and records a sale. A receipt includes key transaction information such as when the transaction took place, how much the customer paid, and which payment method was used.

It is good practice to always issue your customer a receipt as this helps both you and the buyer keep track of purchases.

Creating Sales Receipts in UnitWise:

A sales receipt allows you to process customer orders and receive payment from the same screen. Use the sales receipt feature when full payment has been received. To create a sales receipt in UnitWise, head to the “Customer Center,” then select the “Sales Receipt” tab.

create sales receipt

From here, click “Create Sales Receipt,” located at the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

sales receipt information

A sales receipt allows you to input the same information as an invoice. Enter the customer name, the sale type, search by part number or product name, and add notes for the customer or a memo.

You have the option to “Save & Print,” “Save & Email,” “Save,” or “Save & Add New” after inputting all of the purchase information.

print a sales receipt

Manage your past and current sales receipts using the sidebar to the left of your screen. Here, you can also print or save any invoice as a PDF using the transaction’s receipt number.

What is a Purchase Order?

A purchase order is sent by the buyer to the seller to track and control the purchasing process. For example, every time you purchase more inventory from Mary Kay, you should create and send a purchase order. This document becomes legally binding once it is accepted by Mary Kay.

Purchase orders are an integral part of your Mary Kay business. Not only can accurate purchase orders prevent overstocking inventory, but they’re also a convenient way to track inventory.

Creating Purchase Orders in UnitWise:

The purchase order feature should be used every time you order more inventory from Mary Kay. To create a purchase order within your UnitWise account, go to the “Inventory” tab, click “Order from MK,” then select “Create Purchase Order.”

create a purchase order

Here, you will enter a subject, order date, and product details.

enter purchase order information

Before saving your purchase order, you will be required to select how you intend to pay for the order. You are able to split payments between three different payment methods.

split payments in a purchase order

When saving a purchase order you have the option to “Save,” “Save & Add New,” or “Save as Draft.”

confirm purchase with InTouch

Once your purchase order is saved to your account, you will have the option to confirm that you have placed the order with InTouch. Select “click here” to confirm.

Mary Kay Reference Number

You will be prompted to confirm that you have placed the order with InTouch using your MK Reference Number.

options for purchase order actions

You can manage all of your purchase orders from the “Inventory” tab in your UnitWise account. Select “Orders from MK” to view purchase orders. Orders are organized by Purchase Order Number, but this feature also provides a snapshot of the purchase order subject, MK Reference Number, order date, and order amount for each purchase order, despite its current status.

You have four options as far as the next steps for each purchase order. From this menu, you can convert the order to a draft, confirm the order with InTouch, receive products, or if the order has been completed and products have been received, you can view the order’s history. The order history will show you which products have been received.

manage purchase orders

If you choose to select “Receive Products,” you will be prompted to update information regarding your purchase order. This means that you can update the quantity of each product as you receive them, mark whether products are out of stock, or mark if there is a substitution. If you receive a product, update this within your account by inputting the quantity of each product received in the “Receive” column. Select “reset” to reset that product’s quantity to 0.

The best part of keeping your purchase orders up-to-date with UnitWise is that changes to product quantity are automatically reflected across your account, including your UnitWise inventory. This makes inventory management more convenient than ever before!


Gone are the days of writing out invoices and receipts by hand and manually adjusting your inventory. Let UnitWise do the work for you by making the most of the invoice and sales receipt features within your account.


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