Productivity has Never Looked Better: Success every Season with this Quarterly Checklist by UnitWise

quarterly checklist

The fashion industry changes quarterly and… so does Mary Kay! Mary Kay releases new products for every season, with a special release each year in anticipation of the holiday season.

The research team at Mary Kay is always finding new ingredients for better results with their cosmetic and skincare products, which is just one step Mary Kay is taking to stay ahead in the cosmetic industry.

What steps are you taking each season to stay ahead in your Mary Kay business? Following a quarterly checklist can help you keep up with the changing demands of your clients. UnitWise is here to help you succeed with this simple quarterly checklist!

UnitWise Quarterly Checklist

Email Marketing

A new season is the perfect opportunity to review your content calendar for the upcoming quarter. Go to the “Anniversaries & Birthdays” reports under “Customers” under the “Reports” tab. Here you can generate reports to view all of your upcoming birthdays and anniversaries.

anniversaries and birthdays

Select “Include Following Month” to display two months at one time. UnitWise is great because you can schedule emails and social media posts ahead of time. This allows you to schedule your email marketing strategy for the entire quarter.

Simply go to "Email Marketing" under the "Marketing" tab to review all of your “Scheduled Emails.”

email marketing

Personal touches can go a long way and who doesn’t love a birthday card! If you have the time and resources, try to plan out a personal email to be sent out to your customers on their special day. This is also when having your client’s spouse's information can be extremely helpful. Send their spouse an email or call to ask if they would like to purchase any products for their significant other’s upcoming celebration.


Inventory is an important aspect of any Mary Kay business. One of the best ways to promote your business is to have samples ready on hand that you can share with passers-by and leads, but a strong inventory can go further than simply having the products on hand.

It is critical for your business's success to be knowledgeable of every product you promote as a Mary Kay consultant. Luckily, Mary Kay assists with this by including detailed information about each of its products. Every quarter, ensure you are knowledgeable about the new release by reading Mary Kay’s interactive catalog.

This seasonally released catalog reviews all of the active ingredients in Mary Kay’s newest products and explains the benefits of these ingredients. Additionally, you can search individual products by product name for an overview of each product, with active ingredients, and application tips.

Take note of product details so you can share information about each product at your upcoming facials and parties.

Social Media

Social media trends are constantly changing. Follow the seasons and review your social media strategy each quarter to ensure you’re staying on top of the hottest trends. One of the best ways to do this is to stay active on social media. Seeing what other consultants and beauty gurus are doing to stay relevant can give you an idea of the engaging content you should be posting.

Stuck on what to post? Try to pick a new theme for each quarter to give you a little inspiration on what to post. For example, Mary Kay’s spring release was lipstick heavy. Try creating a social media campaign with a color scheme based on the lipstick shades showcased in the new collection.


It may seem obvious, but your UnitWise calendar is a great resource to consult as you make plans for the upcoming quarter. You already know the UnitWise calendar is a great place to keep track of appointments, calls, and parties, but did you know you can turn your calendar into a content calendar?

One of the great things about the UnitWise calendar is that you can color-code your tasks. This means you can designate a specific color to emails or social media posts, then set reminders on your calendar so that you do not fall behind on your social media or email marketing strategies.


Don’t forget to sync your UnitWise calendar with your Google calendar so that you can take your Mary Kay business with your wherever you go! Click here to learn how!


It’s the end of another successful quarter and you’re antsy to get paid. The end of a quarter is the perfect time to follow up with any customers with open or partially paid invoices. You can find all of your invoices under “Invoices” under the “Customers” tab by using the sidebar to the left of your screen.

customer invoices


Was this quarterly checklist helpful? Updating and reviewing your business strategy each quarter is a great way to stay ahead and succeed with your business. UnitWise can help you succeed with exclusive features that help simplify your quarterly review.

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