New Consultant Plan

Elena has made her First Act as UnitWise Product Manager!  

Elena is not willing to live in the shade of my cardboard furniture. Backed by the chanting crowds of Independent Beauty Consultants willing to sign up for the best Program for the Best Value, she brought the petition to me for the creation of the new Consultant Plan. “Let Them Have Their Program!” I said, and signed the petition with exceeding approval. Thus completing my revolution against disorganization and procrastination!This new UnitWise Consultant Plan will include our awesome Business Management features for just $9.95/month. This will be a great option for Consultants to completely manage their Customers, Sales, Calendar, Inventory, Accounting, and Reports. 
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Over the past few weeks
I have been releasing information regarding the Big UnitWise Announcement, and I am still planning one final announcement next week!  Here’s a Recap of What’s Coming on 8.26.13  

Now is a Great Time to Refer your Consultants to UnitWise!  For every 4 paying referrals you make, you get one month FREE!!!  There are No caps on referrals, so refer away. This is your chance to start them off right, It’s a “Win-Win” for everyone!

By The Way, Charles & Elena still don’t believe I can furnish my office with cardboard furniture.   Kids these days!


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