MotivationMonday: Using Trends To Your Advantage

Because you are an expert planner, you probably already started planning for Fall. But are you anticipating the fall trends? Whether you follow trends or not, you don't have to be an expert to incorporate and target specific products to achieve simple on-trend looks for your clients. You can easily create an entire party theme based on one or many trends (it's always good to have options). Let's take a look a few of the UnitWise Heroes favorite fall trends and discuss how you can utilize the color schemes...

Earthy Glow 
This trend is super versatile and can appeal to a wide variety of your clients. When planning a party around this particular trend, start with selecting the products you need to feature; these can be displayed as a centerpiece. The MK website has a fabulous list of products that goes perfectly with this trend.

Suggestions for display:
Having the products in the center of the table already draws the clients eye. The next step is to create some dimension with displaying the products at varying levels. To easily accomplish this, a tiered cake stand works perfectly, or a tiered candle stand. There are hundreds of DIY options if you want to make one completely custom. Another way is to stack products on products. For example, if you are displaying a bronzer, place it on top of a packaged bronzer and twist it slightly so they are not exactly lined up. You can stack more products with a spiral effect for some extra fanciness.

You can also use a clutch or purse that is part of the earthy color trend to either display products, or simply accent them. Honestly, any type of accessory (scarves, sunglasses, shoes, jewelry) is great to accent a table display. It really makes the products pop.

Jeweled And Glamorous
Now you know we had to talk about the jewel tone trend, and the beautiful MK Midnight Jewel Collection. This collection was meant to be the center of attention at any party. You can really go theme crazy when highlighting this trend.

Suggestions for display:
Some great ideas to really make this collection the star at your parties is to display it on a beautifully colored scarf or handbag (using nude toned accessories also works great) . Jewelry is a gorgeous accent for the colors and if you want to add a little something special, display a perfume that you think matches the collection. It is a special touch that not only looks great but engages you clients to test fragrances and potentially increases your parfum sales.

Creating a theme around trends is a great way to expand product appeal. Displaying featured products creates excitement and evokes emotion all while giving the party a special touch. It looks so professional and pretty. What suggestions do you have for featuring coordinating products for popular trends?

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