Go Green: Makeup Tips to Green Up Your St. Patty’s Day Look

St. Patty’s Day is this Thursday! Time to pull out every green item you have in your closet and dig to the bottom of your product bag for green makeup. Because hey, it’s the only time you can turn completely green and it be a good thing. So what are you waiting for? Grab your leprechaun hat and let’s green it up! Find out below just how green you can be this Thursday with these St. Patty’s Day makeup tips.

For Starters

To start your beautiful St. Patty’s Day look, smooth on some of your favorite foundation. And if you’re curious to know, there is a correct way to apply your foundation. Check out this blog full of foundation tips.

Next, sweep powder across your t-zone area to eliminate shine for a more even and smooth complexion. You can even brush hints of color, bronze or blush, on your cheekbones to create more definition to that beautiful face of yours.

Alright, now that we’ve got a good even foundation to work with, let’s have some fun with your St. Patty’s makeup design.

Bold, Beautiful, Green Eyes

Nothing says St. Patty’s Day like a bold neon green eyeliner! Alright maybe neon isn’t your thing, but changing up from the regular black or brown eyeliner for this holiday can be just the splash of bright you need to really bring out your St. Patty’s Day spirit. Just try it!

And for extra fun, try applying a nice cat eye look with the green eyeliner. Hey, it’s fun, it’s daring, it’s St. Patty’s Day!

Envious Green Eyeshadow

OK, maybe the neon was too bold of a color choice for you, so what about adding a touch of green to your eyes with some eyeshadow? From mixing colors to applying it to the right areas, going green has never been so easy.

shutterstock_203050279.jpgTo really capture the St. Patty’s Day look and to accentuate your eyes, choose a lightly colored green hue—think mid-green level. Now you’ll want to apply the eyeshadow to both your top and lower lash lines. Yep! We want both sides to be coated in this pretty green color. But for starters, apply green eyeshadow right below your bottom lash line.

Feeling a little silly with eyeshadow under your eyes? Well, don’t! We’re still not done with our look quite yet. You’ll next want to find another green-hued eyeshadow (maybe one with a little bit of gold in it) to create a duo-tone look on your upper eyelid. Apply the lighter hue to the inner corners of your eyes. This helps your eyes to appear more bright and awake. (Take a peek at one of our previous blogs where we tell you other secrets and ways you can use to brighten up your eyes.) After applying the lighter color to the inners of you eyes, sweep the darker green out towards the outer part of your eye and up towards your eyebrow.

Lovely Leprechaun Lips

Bare with me on this one—you’re about to paint your lips green. To really go all out on St. Patty’s Day and to finish off our look, we suggest using a lightly hued color for your lips. We’ve found that lip liner lasts longer than regular lipstick. Who knew, right? And for those of you who might not have green lip liner, you can always use green eyeliner. I know, crazy right? To make eyeliner usable as a lip liner, burn the tip of the eyeliner for just a second. Ta da! So now you have no more excuses why you can’t have lovely green lips this St. Patty’s Day.

Pot of Gold Accessories

No St. Patty’s Day look would be complete without a green hat and shamrocks! From stickers to full-on outfits, make sure you find a pot of gold when you finish your look with some much-needed accessories. Attach tiny four-leaf clover stickers to the sides of eyes, or on your cheeks for an extra bold statement. Or find a lucky green hat to wear to make for a fun look! You can even paint your nails in a shimmering green color, or go bold and (temporarily) dye your hair green. The St. Patty’s Day possibilities are endless!

What are your plans for St. Patty’s Day, and how do you plan to do your makeup? Share with us in the comment section below or on our Facebook page.


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