Yes, You Should be Doing This While Making a Sale

We all ask ourselves from time to time, “Am I doing this right?”

Second-guessing is a common human phenomenon, and it’s definitely one that can send us into a tizzy when we’re trying to make sales and reach our goals.

So, I’m here to silence the questions, the concerns, and the worries with one simple statement: yes, you should be doing this while making a sale!

But for those worry warts out there, here are some examples of things you should be doing when talking to a new client.

Accept the Nerves

Remember those little butterflies that you feel right before you start talking to a new client, or when you’re trying to close the sale?

Embrace them!

Yes, I want you to accept the nervousness you feel, because once you do, all those butterflies will be replaced with excitement.

And think of it this way, you’re only nervous because it's the supposed unknown. But you know your products, you know your company, and you know what you sell makes a difference in someone’s life.

So accept those little butterflies as your friend, and don’t worry about making mistakes.

Listen More, Speak Less

Most people think, “oh in sales, you gotta talk the talk.”

Well my friend, to really succeed you need to listen more than you talk.

Your clients will buy you out of your products if you can solve their problems. But to know what solutions you can provide them, you have to listen first to what they are saying.

Be Friendly

Sure it’s a professional meeting; you’re a professional, and you work for a professional company—but that doesn’t mean you have to act rigid!

I encourage you to be as friendly as humanly possible!

New studies in the sales world suggest that the more people like you, the more they’ll buy from you.

So put on that award-winning Mary Kay smile, and get out there and be friendly to your clients (not that you aren’t already)!

Love What You Do and Let Everyone Know

Whoever said “fake it until you make it” clearly never worked in Mary Kay.

When you work for a company as holistic as MK, there’s no faking it—you truly love what you do.

So yes, let your friends and family know you love it, share the news with people on your social media pages, and most importantly of all, show your clients your enthusiasm for what you do.

Loving what you do and believing in your products helps make the sale, every. single. time!  

Next time you meet with a client, give a demo, or host a party—remember, yes, you should be doing this while making a sale!

Believe in yourself and have confidence!

And the final thing we’ll leave you with that you should be doing while making a sale is using UnitWise!

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