You're Handling Pimples All Wrong

What the zits?! You went to bed with clear skin and woke up with a pimple? How did this happen? WHY did it happen to you?! Alright, we will relax a little, pimples aren’t that bad. Even though they always seem to come at the worst possible moment, like a flat tire, or a stomach virus.

We know that pimples suck, but they are actually very easy to get rid of, as long as you get rid of them by using the proper methods. Avoid making pimples worse, because the wrong techniques could lead to scarring, inflamed skin, and more pimples!


What NOT to do

Once you discover a pimple invading your skin your body will have the natural impulse to touch and squeeze it. We’ve all done it, so what’s the big deal? The big deal is that this could cause problems!

By popping, poking, or picking at a zit and having the pus ooze out or explode on your bathroom mirror leads to the spreading of pus and bacteria to other pores, causing more zits. Also, the pus and bacteria could go inwards, under your skin leading to redness and swelling.

If you apply too much pressure to your pimples they will swell up and cause dark spots, bleed, or even cause scars. Some scars could last for weeks, or become permanent.

Plus, if your hands aren’t clean while you’re touching your face, wrestling acne away, then new bacteria can be introduced to your skin, leading to infections that will take your body a long time to heal.


First, What Exactly is a Pimple?

Pimples or zits are areas of inflamed skin as the result of when oil or ‘sebaceous’ glands become blocked or infected inside of your pores. The blocked and bacteria cause redness, swelling, and often fill with pus. The pus is a mixture of bacteria, dead skin cells, and sebum, which is oil from the sebaceous glands. So, now that you’re officially grossed out, it’s time to learn about how to properly handle your pimples.

The Right Ways to Take Pimples out

Suddenly, a pimple has emerged on your perfect skin, but it’s no problem, because you can make a quick trip to your dermatologist's office to get rid of it. This would be great if it was realistic...

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have time before work or an important meeting to rush to the doctor, so it’s time to put on a white labcoat to become your own dermatologist at home!

Before managing a pimple always remember, don’t squeeze, and thoroughly wash your hands with soap and warm water. Be sure to even scrub under your fingernails. Next, take a needle and sterilize it with alcohol and pierce the white head horizontally until the end of the needle comes out the other side.

This shouldn’t hurt because you aren’t piercing the skin, just the whitehead. Be extremely careful not to poke your skin, and definitely don’t poke the needle directly into your pimple, because you definitely want to avoid injuring yourself or bleeding.

Anyways, once your needle is correctly inserted pull it outwards away from your face. The whitehead will burst and you can use a warm washcloth or a cotton ball that has been dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove the pus. Then you can wash your face and go about your day pimple free.

However, we are aware that needles make some people squirmish. If you’re not ready to have a needle near your face then you can gently wipe whiteheads away with a q-tip that’s been dipped in alcohol.

There are also acne removing tools like extractors lancets, but the key to using them properly is to not use a lot of pressure with them. Don’t mash a pimple down in order to force it to pop. If it isn’t ready to go, give it a day or two and try again. Also, bacteria can quickly build up on these tools so sterilize them before and after every use.

When the whitehead is gone, but your face still has a red, swollen lesion, apply some ice to the area for about a minute. If the area is still red wait five minutes to apply ice for another minute. Be sure to remember that keeping ice on your skin for too long will cause your face to turn red!


Just Cover it up!

Cover what up? Exactly. A pimple will actually go away on its own after about 3 to 7 days, so if you can manage leaving it alone simply hide it away with a little makeup. Foundation and concealer will smooth right over bumps.

You can use your finger to pat the perfect amount of foundation the make your pimple invisible. If you’re worried about leaving fingerprints behind, then use a makeup brush to smooth over the area.


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