4 ways to get More Sales as a Beauty Consultant

How are your sales for 2016 going? As an NSD, director, or independent beauty consultant the sky's the limit, and you can always up your game. In the beauty consulting world, there is always another rung on the ladder to climb in order to reach new levels of success.

With a little hard work and motivation, your sales will go through the roof, especially with the help of the following tips.

1. Offer a Referral Program

Have you ever received an email stating that if you get 3 or more of your friends to sign up for something then you’ll get a free item? These emails serve as an effective marketing tool that not only gets your attention but also gets the attention of your friends because often times people will try to refer their friends to get a reward.

Referral programs a marketing technique that gets loyal customers to suggest your products and services to their friends and family members, leading to more sales and customers. Plus, the creative possibilities for referral programs are endless. Use your creative juices to come up with new and interesting ways to get referrals.

For example, you can say that for every 4 friends that your client conveniences to come to a makeup party they’ll receive 15% off of their total order. Also, you could say for every 3 friends they get to signup for your email blasts they’ll receive a free shade of lipgloss.

2. Be Honest

People aren’t interested in hour long back stories or amazing claims about makeup, like this product will ‘make you look 15 years younger!’ Instead, people will respond better when you cut to the chase, with straight forward facts.

Remember that attention spans are brief, so tell your clients about new products and special deals before their attention turns to their friends or the snacks and beverages at your makeup party.

Also, by telling people what makeup can realistically do, like concealer can cover blemishes, their confidence will build and they’ll be more likely to buy.

3. Prep Your Promotions

You never know when an opportunity to promote your business will strike. While in the grocery store, or out to dinner you may hear people discussing their makeup needs, so be prepared to jump in with your business card to hand out to them. By giving people your business card they’ll have your business name and contact information all in one place.

Also, by taking a few minutes to plan out your online promotions for the week you can create a promotion plan involving emails, and social media. Simply create your email promotion or social media

post in advance and schedule them to go out in different ways. This way you don’t have to spend time working on daily posts.

4. Organize Workshops

To build trust and grow a larger customer base sometimes it’s best to provide with informational content instead of pushing sales 110% of the time. If people remember you as a valuable source of knowledge then they’ll keep coming back with questions and you can convert them into repeat customers.

Set up workshops to teach clients about your products and how to be successful. Facebook live and YouTube are excellent outlets for makeup videos and tutorials. Also, you can post your content on all of your social media and personal websites to promote yourself and your business.

Boost Your Sales With UnitWise

You can climb the ladder all the way to the top with a little inspiration and hard work. By promoting your business, building your online presence, and sharing valuable information you’ll generate more interest in your business, which ultimately leads to more sales.

Save time by using UnitWise the online business management solution specifically designed for NSDs, directors, and independent beauty consultants to management your business. It has innovative features for email marketing, inventory management, contact management, online payments and more, so you can save time and focus on other aspects of your business.

*Content found in the UnitWise blog is for informational purposes only. UnitWise is an independent business with no affiliation to Mary Kay®.


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