The Secret to Sculpting Perfect Eyebrows

Alright, there are two things near your forehead that if crafted correctly can create a flawless frame for your face, and if crafted incorrectly can look like two wild caterpillars. What are these things? Your eyebrows!

Eyebrows may seem like a small feature of your face, but they can really make or break your look. Use the following tips to make sure your brows are on point.

The Prep

Don’t make the rookie mistake of going straight in to pluck wild eyebrow hairs, be sure to have a plan put in place first. Take an eyebrow brush and brush your brows up and over, then take a long look at your eyebrows to see where they need to be plucked.

It’s important to shape them with a natural-looking arch, so they don’t look like two fuzzy straight lines. The beginning of each eyebrow should align with the bridge of your nose, and the top of its arch should align with the outside of your pupil while looking straightforward. The end of each eyebrow should go slightly past the corner of your eye, and shouldn’t be longer than your brow bone.

Now that you have a guide for the perfect brow shape you can use an eyebrow pencil to trace the bottom of your eyebrow where you plan to pluck hairs. Remember, only pluck from the bottom, as plucking from the top can make your eyebrows look too thin.

If you still feel nervous about where to pluck hairs or over-plucking, you can get an eyebrow stencil to trace the exact eyebrow shape you want.

The Process

So, ideally, you should be sitting down to work on your brows once a week. Working on them daily won’t produce noticeable changes, and if you wait longer than a week your brows could become bushy and wild, depending on their growth rate.

We are aware that plucking your eyebrows can hurt, but don’t worry we have some tips to help you avoid pain.

First, make sure your tweezers are nice and sharp. It can be harder to pull out hair with dull tweezers, which could lead to pain. Cleaning your tweezers with rubbing alcohol and letting them dry in between uses helps them stay sharp for a longer period of time. Also, you can sharpen tweezers by carefully rubbing them on a nail file.

It’s best to pluck your eyebrows right after a hot shower, because the warm water and steam open your pores, making it easier to pull out hairs. If you don’t have time to shower before plucking, take a cloth and soak it in warm water, then hold it to your eyebrows for a few minutes.

Hold your skin taught and start plucking and pull your hair out in the direction that it’s growing, never go against the grain. Also, be sure to remove any random hairs hanging around your forehead and temples.

Don’t become obsessed with having perfectly symmetrical eyebrows, that mirror one another. It takes years of practice to master the art of equally proportional brows. Keep in mind that each brow is different and it's hardly noticeable if they both aren’t exactly the same.

Slow down! Remember to pull your head away from your mirror after every few plucks to make sure you’re staying on track for the perfect brow shape.

If you experience any redness, pain, or swelling apply ice to the area to relieve any discoloration or discomfort.

When you find a hair that is too long but don’t want to remove it completely, use an eyebrow brush to pull the hair upwards and to hold it still, so you can snip it with eyebrow scissors.

Quick Fixes

Let’s face it, accidents happen. Even the most skilled eyebrow masters have over-plucked, and a few of us have had needle-thin brows by accident. Luckily, there are simple solutions that solve eyebrow mishaps.

If your brows seem like their width is too thin, or that they have gaps in them fill them in with an eyebrow pencil. All you have to do is find a shade that matches your hair color and gently fill your brows.

However, remember that using too much color could result in your brows looking waxy or greasy. Also, be sure to blend the color, so your eyebrows will look natural, and not flat. Along with an eyebrow pencil, you can use eyebrow powder, eyebrow shadow, or eyebrow mascara to fill in your brows.

When you spot new short eyebrow hairs starting to grow, but they aren’t tall enough to be plucked, you don’t have to run to the salon to have your brows waxed. Instead, you can cover them up with concealer.

We’ve all had issues with keeping our eyebrows in their place. Activities as simple as moving bangs out of your face or adjusting your sunglasses can send perfect brows into a wild frenzy. Prevent them from moving with a little eyebrow gel that will keep them in place all day long. You can even get tinted eyebrow gel to fill in gaps with color as the gel takes hold.

From Perfect Brows to More Sales

Now that you’re a professional eyebrow wrangler and beauty consultant, when throwing makeup parties or doing demos spread the word about eyebrow care so the everyday woman can have the perfect brow look.

Also, use UnitWise, the total business management solution to keep up with the eyebrow products in your inventory, to make email marketing campaigns about eyebrow care, to tell your unit members to push eyebrow products, and much more! With UnitWise, you and your amazing eyebrows will be ready to take your business to the next level.

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