Easily Manage all of Your Contacts

Clients, unit members, and sales leads, oh my! As an NSD, Director, or Independent Beauty Consultant you have tons of different contacts. How do you keep up with them all?! Do you flip through your address book to hunt down a number? Is your phone overloaded with contacts? Do you manually enter everyone into an excel sheet?

Those methods all seem frustrating and time-consuming. You should consider managing your contacts with UnitWise instead.



UnitWise is the number one business management solution with contact management software that’s specifically designed for NSDs, Directors, and Independent Beauty Consultants to help them effectively manage their beauty consulting businesses. A few of UnitWise’s easy-to-use features include accounting, inventory management, marketing emails, contact management, and more.


Contact Management With UnitWise

First things first, you need to upload your contacts to UnitWise! Luckily, this is a simple, stress-free process because you can instantly sync your contacts from Intouch, and add new contacts one at a time.

The contacts are already somewhat sorted. All of your contacts are listed in ABC order while consultants have a green label and customers have a red one. Plus, you can search for people based off of their name, phone number, email address, city, state, or zip code. For example, you can pull up all of your North Carolina contacts at once by searching "North Carolina."

With UnitWise you can send emails, text blasts, and host conference calls with an unlimited amount of people, but it’s important to have those contacts organized so you don’t have to comb through long lists to add them to your email or call list.

This is where UnitWise really comes in handy because it already has a few premade lists for you to add your contacts to. For example, a few of the categories include active customers and team members.

By having organized groups you can instantly send an email update to your entire Unit or set up a conference call with your local business associates.

However, you don’t have to use the premade groups. You can organize your contacts exactly the way you want. Add them to a group called “Leads” or “New Unit Members.” You can even add your contacts to groups based off of their zip code or location.

We suggest grouping your customers by product preferences. For example, if a lot of your customers enjoy the Satin Hands Care set add them to a group and send them marketing emails with discounts or about new hand scrubs and creams when they come out.

Organizing groups for your customers based off of where they came from is another way to keep your contacts organized to see what areas of your business are gaining the most traffic. When you get a new customer from Facebook advertising or a makeup party simply add them to the group they belong in.


Why are you Waiting?

Take advantage of UnitWise’s free 15-day trial to see how its state-of-the-art features will help you efficiently manage and organize your business. You’ll be able to check in on every aspect of your business while on the go, right from your smartphone or tablet to stay on top of things, with an endless amount of way to organize all of your contacts.


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