Makeup For That Holiday Party

Ready or not, it’s time for that holiday party. Whether it’s a work party, family reunion, or intimate gathering with friends, it’s time to take a break from the day to day professional makeup and add some holiday glam to stand out as the most beautiful winter princess in the room.

Consider the following makeup tips to steal the eyes of your in-laws, jealous coworkers, frenemies, and more with a flawless holiday look.

Your Eyes

Ready to make your eyes really pop? Good! Start with a little mascara to open up your eyes and grab people’s attention. You can use fake lashes, volumizing mascara, or a clumping mascara to make your eyes stand out.

This isn’t the time for your daily eyeliner routine. Spice it up with wings or a longer cat eye look. You can also accent your eyeliner with glitter or nontraditional colors. White and blue eyeliners are in this season because they draw attention while brightening your eyes. However, you can also choose a silver, red, or green eyeliner for a festive holiday vibe.

Of course, the smokey eye is a classic go to look for eyeshadow, but your holiday party isn’t an everyday event so make it loud. Instead of your everyday matte shades of gray go with shimmering shades of gunmetal and metallic silvers. Also, accent your eyes with metallic shades of gold, yellows, browns to really shine.

Your Lips

You really can’t go wrong with a shade of red lipstick during the holiday season, but make sure it’s fierce and bold. Bright red shades of matte lipsticks will have all eyes on your radiant smile. However, don’t stop there. Experiment with shades of shimmering burgundy, glossy cranberry, or berry-stained shades of red too.

Everyone sort of expects a brilliant shade of red lips, so shock them by picking the bold shade of black cherry, purple, or even pale pink that you’ve been eyeing for awhile.

Why should you settle for just one color? It’s the time of year to stand out with fierce color, and that can be easily done with two-toned lips! Play with your shades of red, pinks, and purples to create an unforgettable look where your lips are lighter on the inside and darker on the outside.

Wait, wait, wait! Don’t forget that you’re naturally beautiful. Why even cover your beautiful lips when they already have breathtaking color? Simply apply a clear coat of lipgloss for an irresistible shine and confidently head out to that party.

Foundation and Blush

Alright, so your tan may have faded a little, that’s fine! Just be sure to make sure your winter foundation matches your skin tone. Always remember to switch foundations to match your skin tone with the changing seasons.

Ok, so you want to be tan, that’s also fine! Use a gradual tanner on your skin, and make sure that it looks natural, not too dark or orange. You can also go slightly darker than your foundation shade, but the key is to really not over do it.

The key to looking like a winter princess is to have an all natural looking, youthful blush with shades of pink, red, and peach. Use just a hint of it, and remember that blush is the easiest product to use too much of.

To go all natural and enhance your look with some contour powder or bronzer on your cheek bones. You can also use a highlighter.


Always practice new looks and techniques in advance! If you practice a new look the day of the party or close to an hour before you might end up with a look that you don’t want to haunt you in photographs posted on social media.

Also, don’t over do it. Too much color and shimmer can end up looking clown-like. If you go heavy on the eyes, go easy on the lips, or vice versa. No one knows your look better than you.

Happy Holidays

Don’t take that holiday party too seriously. Remember to cut loose and enjoy the season with good company and laughs. Have fun with your perfect holiday look full of shimmer and cheer!

Keep coming back to UnitWise for more makeup tips and tricks, and please post your makeup plan for the holiday season in the comment section.

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